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Power Tool Manufacturer: Important information about One Way ANOVA in SPSS

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A power tools manufacturer wants to buy a new assembly machine to make cordless drills. There are three different brands of assembly machines (AM1, AM2 and AM3) and the manufacturer has secured a test machine from the suppliers of each brand. Each machine needs an assembly worker to make the drills. The manufacturer decides to choose the brand that results in the lowest assembly time. In order to test whether the average assembly time for each brand is different from the other, the manufacturer randomly picks 6 workers to work on each of the machines and records the workers average assembly times on each machine. The data is in assembly.sav.

State the appropriate hypothesis, run the relevant statistical test using SPSS and provide interpretation. Which brand should the manufacturer choose?

If regression is required, please provide the multi comparison table.
To open up the data file you will need spss.


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Step by step method for computing test statistic for One way ANOVA is given in this solution.