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    Hypothesis testing in SPSS

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    STATS 2

    Using the database provided (finalll.doc), calculate three different statistical tests chosen from the following:

    1. Unpaired t-test
    2. Paired t-test
    3. One way ANOVA
    4. Two - way ANOVA

    If your database was constructed according to the directions, it should be appropriate for applying at least three of the tests. You may have to modify it slightly, for example by conducting a t-test on only two groups (even though you may have coded more).

    For each of the 3 tests you compute, do the following:

    1. Describe the null and alternative hypotheses.
    2. Either graph the data appropriate to the research hypothesis, or report the relevant summary statistics in a table.
    3. Briefly discuss why the test is appropriate.
    4. Conduct the analysis, using a computer or hand calculations (preferably the computer), and report the results (e.g., by pasting the computer output into your document, or typing/writing the results of your hand calculations).
    5. Briefly describe the results as you would see them described in a research paper.

    The point of this exercise is to see if you can select an appropriate test, conduct the analysis, and report the results appropriately. It is not important that you get significant results. Nor is it important that you use all the tests described above; in fact, your data base may not be suitable for all four test types. However, you should be able to compute three tests appropriately. If not, describe why it is not appropriate.

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