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Hypothesis Testing Method

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1. Let take for example that research in your area was providing behavior therapy with people who have neurological problems: Imagine that you are in charge of a research Assignment, and can choose to do research on anything.

a). What research question would you create?

b). Write out your research question and explain any terms or ideas.

c). Develop a research hypothesis that you might use to answer your question.

2. Using SPSS one will most likely look at summary statistics, like mean or variance, to make graphs, to calculate correlation and regression, and to run hypothesis tests, such as t-tests and ANOVA tests.

Which SPSS method(s) do you think you will use to answer your research question in (1)? Why?

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The solution explains the hypothesis testing method to be used in the scenario.

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Hypothesis Testing Methods

Here, you are ready to test the hypothesis you have formulated in your JRT experimental design from the Unit 2 assignment. The task is to adjust and reframe your variables and hypothesis in such a way that it can be adequately demonstrated with collected data (better known as Sekaran's Step #8 in the Research Process). Once yu have reframed your design you would have been asked to generate actual data for these variables. However, as we know it takes too much time to generate actual data for your experiment, you are asked to create an imaginary data set for each of your variables. Below are the responding questions that must be inlcuded and answered:
Using the hypothesis testing methods presented in Sekaran(2003), suggest a method that you believe would be most appropriate to test your hypothesis and explain your rationale.

Now that you have created "notional" data to illustrate the hypothesis testing method, apply these data to the hypothesis testing method you selected. You can select either graphical method, simple correlation, or a t-test as your testing method for the data by using the statistical functions in MS Excel.

Based on the results of your calculations, explain whether the hypothesis of your research design is accepted or rejected and comment on the implications of yur results in JRT.

You should address all the questions and provide well-reasoned arguments to support your answers.

The document should contain all the following components....

Definition of Problem
Description of Preliminary Data Gathering, Collection, or Resource
The Reseach Design
Data Analysis and Interpretation
Data and Graphs Analysis

The conclusions reached should be credible and all sources cited.
The data and graphs used should be appropriate to the message being conveyed.

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