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ANOVA and Nonparametric Tests

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Here are some questions that I am asking in general to using ANOVA testing.

1) What are three lessons learned relative ANOVA and Nonparametric tests?

2) What concepts and analytic tools will you be able to use in your workplace ?

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1. What are three lessons learned relative (to?) ANOVA and nonparametric tests?

The wording of this question is somewhat unclear to me. My understanding is three business areas where ANOVA and Nonparmentric tests help us learn something about business issues.
ANOVA - The one-way analysis of variance allows us to compare several groups of observations, all of which are independent but possibly with a different mean for each group. A test of great importance is whether or not all the means are equal. The observations all arise from one of several different groups (or have been exposed to one of several different treatments in an experiment). We are classifying 'one-way' according to the group or treatment. Two Way Analysis of Variance is a way of studying OR LEARNING the effects of two factors separately (their main effects) and (sometimes) together (their interaction effect).

Example: Learn about staff satisfaction

Conduct a two-way ANOVA with post hoc tests to compare staff satisfaction scores (totsatis) across each of the length of service categories (use the servicegp3 variable) for permanent versus casual staff (employstatus) (

Example: Learn about motivation in the workplace.

This exploratory study sought to assess the differences in perceptions among allied health managers and subordinates regarding motivation ...

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This solution identifies and explains three lessons learned relative to ANOVA and nonparametric tests through discussion and examples. It then identifies the specific concepts and analytic tools that could be used in the workplace.

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