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    Two ANOVA

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    This problem involves a statistical analysis to recommend the best aircraft to purchase using results from different aircrews.

    While working for a test and evaluation facility you have been asked to make buying and future testing recommendations on the following data for l your service. Two F-16 pilots and one F-18 pilot were recruited to make
    randomized multiple bombing runs in F-16s and F-18s. Your service wants to get the aircraft platform that performs best as measured by the lowest radial miss distance (RMD). Run any tests you think would be useful and report any
    interesting findings and relevant graphs along with recommendations.

    (Please see the attached file for the data).

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    TwoWay ANOVA results for RMD

    Sample sizes for treatments (AirCrew down, Aircraft across)
    F16 F18
    1 2 2 4
    2 2 2 4
    3 2 2 4
    6 6

    Sample means for treatments (AirCrew down, Aircraft ...

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    This solution provides a step-by-step method for computing test statistics for two way analysis of variance (ANOVA).