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Theories in Cross-Cultural Psychology

Organizational Psychology

1-What are the similarities and differences between organizational psychology, organizational behavior, and industrial/organizational psychology? (200 words) 2-What is socialization? What methods do organizations use to socialize their employees? (200 words) *Include one reference for each question and properly cite *In


Provide a rational for the establishment of multicultural psychology as a sub-specialty of psychology.

Cross-Cultural Psychology

- Define cross cultural and cultural psychology - Analyze the relationship between cultural and cross-cultural psychology - What is the role of critical thinking in cross-cultural psychology - What is the methodology associated with cross-cultural psychology


What is the difference between emic and etic research? Provide examples that illustrate the misapplication of both approaches to research populations in urban settings

Mutiple choice - child psychology

3. Even though her mother-in-law insists she is wrong, Danielle knows that which of the following statements about her new baby is FALSE? Infants cannot express emotions for about the first month. (This is my choice) Infants show facial expressions that are similar to adults who are expressing emotions.

The formation of psychology as a science

Help explain the central tenets of the "Cartesian Dualism" doctrine. Help explain the impact of the "Cartesian Dualism" doctrine on the formation of psychology as a formal discipline of study. Help explain the meaning of "associationism". Help explain the role "associationism" played in the development of modern-day psycho

Explain the Internet, media, and peer groups influences

Explain how the Internet, media, and peer groups have influenced the development of a healthy sexual relationship. Imagine that someone you know has experienced a traumatic event. What are some techniques you can suggest to help your friend cope with the stress? How can these techniques be applied?

Cross-Cultural Communication

Explain the cross-cultural communication suggestions found after the cultural conflict scenario in Chapter 6 of your text. Apply four of these suggestions to a cultural conflictregarding Helen, the vegetarian. How would you utilize each of the four suggestions to solve the problem between Helen's family and the childcare cente

Environmental Psychology

What is sustainable development? Why is it important? Provide examples of how architecture has been adapted to promote sustainable development.

Plagiarism and Moral Development

How does Kohlberg's theory of Moral Development inform our understanding of plagiarism, intentional vs. unintentional, and moral development? Keep in mind, after one has been fully informed of the different types of plagiarism is it REALLY unintentional and how does that play into moral development.

Professional Mental Health Team: Treating Schizophrenia

Who would be included in a professional team to consult, triage and/or treat an individual with schizophrenia who has just been charged with assault? How would a forensic psychologist interact with these professionals? (Different job descriptions).

Cultural Diversity

- Discuss the importance of considering the cultural identities and experiences of clients who are Native American or African American, in assessment, diagnosis, and relationship building. - Describe how you might facilitate relationship building with a Native American or African American client who has come to you to discuss a

Industrial Psychology

Explain the premise of business psychology. Include in your posting the origins of this field and how you think the Hawthorne Effect may apply today. How might individual differences affect the workplace? Discuss Business Psychology's relationship to three major learning theories

Psychology degrees

What are the advantages or disadvantages of a psychology degree? What are the advantages or disadvantages of a bachelorâ??s, masterâ??s, and doctorate degree in psychology?

analysis of how American psychology is different

Provide an analysis of how American psychology differs from other psychology systems. In addition, summarize the work of one major American applied psychologist and explain how his/her thinking compared with existing systems. Discuss your working definition of cultural psychology and a brief summary of its main principles

Do you think a psychology professor who has published a number of scientific articles is more knowledgeable about the field of psychology as compared to a professor who has not published?

Do you think a psychology professor who has published a number of scientific articles is more knowledgeable about the field of psychology as compared to a professor who has not published? Why? Does publishing make a psychology professor a better teacher? Why? Some universities reward the prolific research professors with fewer

Psychology questions throughout introduction psychology.

1) what is psychology? what is true psychology based on ? 2) who is Wilhelm Wundt ? 3) what are the two first school of thought that emerged in psychology? what did they focus on? what did behaviorism focus on?what was the focus of humaistic psychology? just short answer

Information processing theory

Scenario Jane a 38 yr old wants therapy but is afraid to venture outside her home. This began shortly after her husband died in an auto accident in which she was a passenger. Her family no longer believes she is that helpless and will not participate in waiting on her. She says she no longer feels loved and just might give u

Media and issues in cross-cultural psychology

Please help answer the following questions on cross-cultural psychology. 1. What influence has the media had on cross-cultural studies? Provide an example in your response. 2. What are some examples of emerging issues in cross-cultural psychology? Which one of these issues is the most crucial? 3. What is advocacy? Do y

Impact of Bodily Growth and Changes on Development

Select any two stages that you think bodily growth and changes have their greatest impact on with regard to an individualâ??s psychological, social, and emotional development, and provide justification for your selections. Then explain the various ways these changes impact psychological, social, and emotional development

Environment Psychology

Discuss strategies to manage your selected atmospheric environmental stressors. The three stressors picked by my team are temperature, humidity and sunshine.


What is organizational psychology? How is it different from general psychology? If you were a manger of an organization, what would you expect from an organizational psychologist?

The Relationship between Cultural and Cross Cultural Pyschology

Define cultural and cross cultural psychology. Analyze the relationship between cultural and cross cultural psychology. Discuss the role of critical thinking in cross cultural psychology. Discuss the methodology associated with cross cultural research.