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Influences the media has on cross-cultural studies.

Then and Now! The influence of media on cross-cultural studies and how this influence has changed cultural, societal and individual views affecting decision making and education.

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Back in the mid 1900's individuals were not as influenced by the media as we are today. Americans received most of their information from newspaper reports. Today, however, the media has influenced the way many individuals dress, what type of car people choose to drive, the food individuals eat and just about all other decisions an individual makes on a daily basis. Many students in other parts of the world view America (thanks to the media) as an exciting place to learn and make all their dreams come true. Many schools have adopted a foreign exchange program where students can ...

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The solution is comprised of a brief history of how the media has grown and changed and how the changes affect the influence of cross cultural sudies, the influence the media has had on other countries view of America and how the media continues to influence an individual's daily decisions. The solution includes over 300 words of text as well as a reference for further study.