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Theories in Cross-Cultural Psychology

Japanese Culture Emotional Expression

Do people in the Japanese culture express emotions through their eyes more than other cultures, or do they read others'emotions based on the other persons' eyes, more than people do in the American culture?

Agencies for Diverse Cultures

In many communities, especially larger metropolitan areas, specialized social service agencies exist for many of the diverse cultures that populate the community. For example, in my community, we have one agency that serves the Latino community, another that serves the East African community, one that serves the Native American

Do Western Therapeutic Techniques Apply to All Cultures?

Cross-cultural relevance and effectiveness in therapeutic techniques are discussed. We address the questions: Do "proven therapeutic techniques," which are based primarily on Western industrialized society, apply to all cultures? Is research into the effectiveness of various models often conducted on subjects who are not Amer

Culture and Emotions Interpretations

it is believed that many emotions are universal,but that perception of several emotions is not universal due to cultural norms, or cultural experience. It has also been shown that different cultures will look for different cues when trying to discern another person's emotional state (see:http://www.livescience.com/health/070510_

Intelligence tests and cultural diversity

In the field of Psychology, what have you learned about cultural diversity with client and therapist relations and also what have you learned about structured intelligence testing?

Belief Clashes with Clients

What happens when a client's belief system and that of the therapist are in significant conflict with each other? For example, although it is illegal in the US, some immigrant cultures still practice infibulation (surgically closing the labia in women to prevent intercourse). How would you work with a client from that culture

Intelligence (IQ) Scores from Different Cultures

Research has shown significant differences in intelligence (IQ) scores from one culture to another. In a diverse environment such as our public schools, should more attention be paid to intelligent behavior than intelligence scores? Should this be applied to all cultures in our society, or only those who traditionally score lo

Cross Cultural Psychology

Cross-cultural psychology is concerned not only with differences between cultural groups, but also with commonalities or similarities between cultural groups. Which do you believe is most important - to understand the differences, or to understand the commonalities? Why? What does one learn from these experiences? Please provi

Cultural globalization and cultural separation

There are two trends that are valuable for cross-cultural psychology: cultural globalization and cultural separation. Cultural globalization refers to the increasingly interconnectivity of the world society, while global separation refers to separation of cultures and ethnic groups. Which trend do you think is the most compell

Cultural and Social Influence and Forgetting

What are your thoughts on the content of this discussion below as it relates to cultural and social influence? Do you agree or disagree? Why This person will discuss the role of cultural and social influence on two of the following: eyewitness testimony, memory distortion, source memory, or recovered memories. In addition thi

Cross-Cultural Challenges

Please describe two current challenges that may arise from cultural differences in today's world, and how you might address those challenges in your professional life Please give reference to where you got the information.

Psychology and Cultural Competence

Please provide a definition of cultural competence that is supported by credible references. What are some guidelines for cultural competence in psychological theory, research, practice, and organizational change?

Cross-cultural Limitations

Chapters 5-10 http://www.keepandshare.com/doc/5000260/chapter-5-corsini-and-wedding-2011-pdf-2-7-meg http://www.keepandshare.com/doc/5000261/chapter-10-corsini-and-wedding-2011-pdf-2-2-meg Das (1998) http://search.ebscohost.com/login.aspx?direct=true&db=a9h&AN=776921&site=ehost-live Answer the following three short-

Quantitative Research Plan - Forensic Psychology

I need help in drafting a Quantitative Research Plan in a forensic psychology related topic. The draft must include the following: Title Introduction Opening statement Background of study Problem statement Purpose of the study Research question(s) and hypotheses Theoretical framework NOTE: I am not requesting the ex

Trends relating to cultural practices

What major trends relating to cultural practices affect psychological well-being and functioning in modern-day American society? A short answer in 200 words.

Marketing and Cross-Cultural Research

A U.S. company is introducing a new line of canned soups in Poland. How must the company use cross-cultural research? Should the company use the same marketing mix it uses in the United States? Why or why not? Which, if any, components must be designed specifically for marketing in Poland? Explain your answers. What are the a

Developmental Psychology work on adolescence

Create a case study/scenario of an adolescent girl in which you describe the persons, (her) physical changes and her experiences and the effect those changes on her sexuality, relationships, and self-concept. Describe the culture of the individual in the scenario and explain the influences of culture on the development of adol

Proxemics and Haptics and the Impact of Culture and Ethnicity

Select an ethnicity or culture and give a brief description of the culture or ethnicity that you selected. Then, explain the appropriate use of proxemics and haptics in a counseling session with a client of this culture or ethnicity. Article: Mollen, D., Ridley, C. R., & Hill, C. L. (2003). Models of multicultural couns

Cross-Cultural Psychology Issues Presentation...

Help to Create a Clear Outline to remember my purpose/goal, which is to create & present a 12-Slide PowerPoint Presentation on Issues in Cross-Cultural Psychology.That way I can use the Outline as a jumping-off point for my presentation. What the Presentation must Entail: The presentation must examine at least 2 issues in

3 sentence definition of cognitive psychology.

Offer a 3-sentence definition of cognitive psychology. How important do you believe the understanding and employment of neuroscience to be in the study of cognition? Explain how the field of cognitive psychology can contribute to positive social change and why it is important to a scholar-practitioner concerned with effecting

Intervention strategies to curb domestic violence are presented.

Please provide four resolution strategies to the effects that exposure to domestic violence has on children, based on research based interventions. What are the advantages and disadvantages to the interventions. The intervention must focus on addressing exposure to domestic violence. The population is adolescents.