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Methodological Problems in Cross-Cultural Research

What are some of the major methodological problems that are unique to cross-cultural or cross-ethnic social work research. What strategies can be used to reduce or resolve those problems?

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Methodology, for those doing multicultural research, it is a delicate balance of understanding and listening to the needs of the research. Some of the issues are due to a lack of cultural understanding. Other issues are more in the presentation of evidence and choosing the wrong groups to sample or focus on the wrong problem. Language can also be a barrier.

Some approaches attempt to gain the same information from people of the same income level. The issue of this cross-cultural methodology is a good example of how good research can go wrong. Income levels, while equivalent in dollar amounts, may vary greatly in society and social strata. A person making $20,000 per year in one country could be considered poor; while in another setting might be upper middle class. Since social status is important for people's view of the world ...

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The solution discusses the methodological problems in cross-cultural research.