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Developmental Psychology: A Case Study

Create a case study/scenario of an adolescent girl in which you describe the persons, (her) physical changes and her experiences and the effect those changes on her sexuality, relationships, and self-concept.
Describe the culture of the individual in the scenario and explain the influences of culture on the development of adolescence.
Be specific and justify your response with citations and support the information embedded in the case study/scenario.
Reference included.

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"Angie" is a 13 year old Hispanic girl who goes to school and resides in the South Bronx, NY. She comes from a close family and is raised by her single mother who has recently noticed changes in her daughter's behavior. Angie has started noticing that she is more sexually developed than other girls her age. Although Angie receives criticism from her peers she believes that it is because they are jealous of her body. Angie hit puberty at the early age of 8 years old. Angie's mother believes that this may be the cause of her daughter's premature development. Recently, Angie has started wearing very revealing clothes that she buys with her allowance. She told her mother that she is proud of her breasts because it gets her attention from boys. Also, Angie has started cutting school to meet with boys. Angie's mother is very upset because Angie admits to being sexually active with more than one boy. At school, the teachers ...

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This solution contains a sample case study that demonstrates how adolescent physical changes can effect their sexuality, relationships, and self-concept. Then, it looks into how culture also plays a part in the development of adolescence.