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    Multicultural Psychology

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    What is the difference between emic and etic research? Provide examples that illustrate the misapplication of both approaches to research populations in urban settings

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    (1) What is the difference between emic and etic research?

    The etic and emic approaches to describing human behavior was proposed by Pike, who viewed the approaches as complementary, rather than alternative ways of achieving understandings of cross cultural psychology. Pike's definition allows for the ecological and cultural explanations of human behavior across settings (Berry, 1991, 166). According to Pike, the emic approach is threefold: (a) it allows for an understanding of culture, [e.g. it allows the researcher to understand individuals in their daily lives (b) it allows for predictive behavior, and (c) it helps the researcher understand how culture is constructed. The emic approach observes the behavior of only one culture from within that culture, thus taking into account only what the group members assign importance" (Helfrich, p. 115). The etic approach is referenced to cultures studied where universal aspects of behavior ...

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