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    Algebra: Coffee Mix

    Eva created a coffee blend for her restaurant by mixing Kenya and French Roast coffee beans. The Kenya beans cost $15 per pound and the French Roast costs $8 per pound. She bought a total of 10 pounds of coffee for a total of $97.50. How much of each type of bean did she buy? A) 2.5 lbs Kenya and 7.5 lbs French Roast B)

    The solution gives detailed steps on setting a linear equation using the example of saving plan. All the formula and calcuations are shown and explained. An excel output is also included.

    Sophie has been saving money at a regular rate and noticed that x months after her 15th birthday, she had saved a total of 20x + 244 dollars. Which of the following statements correctly describes her savings plan? How did you get that answer? A) By her 15th birthday, she had saved 20 dollars and was able to save an additiona

    Stock Worth Today

    Xinhua Manufacturing Company has been generating stable revenues but sees no growth in it for the foreseeable future. The company's last dividend was $3.25, and it is unlikely to change the amount paid out. If the required rate of return is 12 percent, what is the stock worth today?

    BMI Calculation

    You will use your height to plug into the formula to solve for W, the weight range that will go with each category. You may prefer to solve the formula for the variable W before plugging in values, which is fine. Please include: - A solution to the above problem, making sure to include all mathematical work - A discussion on

    EXCEL 2010

    I am having problems with Excel. I just don't understand how to make it do what I need it to do. This is what I have in Excel 2010: Magazine 2008 2009 Details 72.31 48.42 Esquire 66.69 42.79 Field & Stream 48.65 42.82 Flex 219.61 231.58 GQ 99.21 60.35 Maxim 68.5 41.82 Men's Fitness 99.43 67.63 Men's Health 90.88 74.4

    A Rocket Modelled by a Particle: S-Axis, Maximum Height, Etc.

    A rocket is modelled by a particle that moves along a vertical line. From launch, the rocket rises until its motor cuts out after 13 seconds. At this time it has reached a height of 490 metres above the launch pad and attained an upward velocity of 70ms−1. From this time on, the rocket has a constant upward acceleration of −

    Maximum Area of a Quadrilateral

    In the quadrilateral PQRS shown below, the side PQ has length 5 metres, the side QR has length 6 metres, and the side RS has length 7 metres. The angle at P is a right angle, and no angle of the quadrilateral exceeds 180◦. The side PS has length x metres, where the value of x is between 0 and 12. (The quadrilateral described c

    Solving for Various Algebraic Equations

    1. Find the midpoint of the line segment joining the points p1 and p2 P1= (1.1) P2= (-4,3) Midpoint is______ 2. Find the equation of a line that is parallel to the line x=9 and contains the point (-4,9). The equation of the parallel line is______ 3. Find the equation of a line that is perpendicular to the line y=1/3x+7

    Solving Logarithms and Exponential Equations

    1. Solve the equation (3/4)^x=(27/64) X=____ 2. Graph the equation y=log9^x 3. Solve the following logarithmic equation. 3log4^x=-log4^64 X=_____ 4. Solve the equation In x^+In(x+2)=2 X=___ 5. Solve the equation log1/5(x2+x)-log1/5(x^2-x)=-1 X=___ 6. Solve the following exponential equation 5^x=8 X=____ 7. Solve t

    Algebra: Logarithms, Exponentials, and Transformations

    1. Evaluate the expression without using a calculator log ₂1 2. Solve the equation 4^(3x+1) = 64 (simplify)(fraction) 3. Find the domain of the composite function f*g f(x)=sqrt(x); g(x)=8x+4 4. Find the domain of the composite function f*g f(x)=4/x-2; g(x)=9/x 5. Use the transformation to identify the graph

    The solution gives detailed steps on calculating the concentration of alcohol if the equation for relative risk of an accident is given. All formula and calculations are shown and explained.

    The concentration of alcohol in a person's bloodstream is measurable. Suppose that the relative risk of having an accident while driving a car can be modeled by the equation: R = e^(kx) Where x is the percent of concentration of alcohol in the bloodstream and k is a constant. (a) Suppose that a concentration of alcohol i

    Domains and Operations of Functions

    1. Find the domain of the function. f(x) = -3x + 2 2. Find the indicated function value.f(x) = x - 2, g(x) = x + 1 Find (f + g)(-1). 3. For the pair of functions, determine the domain of f + g. f(x) = 2x + -9, g(x) = 4x + -3 4. For the pair of functions, determine the domain of f + g. f(x) = 4x + 3, g(x) = 3x + 8 5. Use inte

    Vertex, Intercept, Domain, Range of Quadratic Function

    1. Given the quadratic equation y=-x^2+2x+8, find: a) the vertex b) the axis of symmetry c) the intercepts d) the domain e) the range f) the interval where the function is increasing and g) the interval where the function is decreasing h) graph the function y=-x^2+2x+8 2. The following polynomial represents a profit

    Transformations Investigated Graphically and Algebraically

    Use transformations of f(x)=x^2 to graph the following function 1. g(x)=x^2+3 2. g(x)=(x-4)^2+4 3. g(x)=4(x+3)^2-2 4. g(x)=-3(x+5)^2+3 Find the function that is finally graphed the following transformations are applied to the graph of y=sqrt of x in the order listed 1. shift up 9 units 2. Reflect about the x-axis 3. R

    Mixed Algebra Questions Solved

    PLEASE HELP SOLVE THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS 1. Elsie is making a quilt using quilt blocks like the one in the diagram. a. How many lines of symmetry are there? Type your answer below. b. Does the quilt square have rotational symmetry? If so, what is the angle of rotation? Type your answers below.

    simultaneous eqns & concrete strength

    1. Solve graphically the following simultaneous equations: y = 10 - 2x y = x - 1 2. Plot the graph of: y = x^2 - 2x - 4 for values of x from x = -2 to x = 4 at intervals of 1 and use the graph to solve the quadratic equation x^2 - 2x - 4 = 0. 3. The following grouped frequency table shows the compres

    Equation of Lines and Modeling

    Select and graph a point (with coordinates) in the x-y plane, not on the x- or y-axis; then, (a) Graph the line that passes through the selected point and is parallel to the x-axis. (b) Write the equation of the line drawn in Part (a) (c) What is the slope of the line drawn in Part (a)? (d) Graph the line that passes throu

    deriving formulas to meet certain conditions

    1) Derive a formula to find all numbers that meet the following conditions: • Divide by 3 the remainder is 1 • Divide by 29 the remainder is 6 2) What are the first 20 solutions to Sun Tsu's Chinese Remainder problem? 3) Derive a formula to find all numbers that meet the following conditions: • Divide by 3 the r

    Standardized Mortality Ratio

    Please show the calculation for how the numbers in red where determined. Using Table 4, calculate the expected number of deaths for each age and latency category, and then an overall standardized mortality ratio (SMR) for each latency group. To determine if 10 years latency is indeed needed to develop ASL, we split latency i

    Solve the given problems by using TMV concepts.

    1. How much should Elton John invest at the end of each year for six years if he expects to earn 6% and he wants to accumulate $150,000 in order to buy a new grand piano six years from today? 2. How much must Elton John invest today if he expects to earn 6% compounded semiannually and he wants to accumulate $

    Fundamental Mathematics Sequences

    FUNDAMENTAL MATHEMATICS II Question 1. Say that a sequence (an) is a Cauchy sequence (named after the French mathematician Cauchy) if it has the following property: For every  > 0 there is a number M (depending on ) such that |an - |am <  for all n, m >= M. (1) * Show that the sequences ( 1/n) and (n + 1/2n) and Cauchy s

    Sports Activities in 1998

    The following table gives participation in selected sports activities in 1998, in thousands, for persons living in the U.S. age 7 or older. (Source: Statistical Abstract of the United States 2000, 120th Edition Exercise Bicycle Sport Walking Swimming Equipment Ridi

    High School Math Examples

    See the attached file. Help solve the following: 1. Find the Greatest Common Factor (GCF) of 18X3 and 30X5. (18X raise to the power 3) and (30X raise to the power 5) A. 90X3 (90X raise to the power 3). B. 90X5 (90X raise to the power 5). C. 6X5 (6X raise to the power5). D. 6X3 (6X raise to the power3). 2. Write 6.

    Residency After Departure from Canada - Taxation

    At the end of the current year, Simon Farr departed from Canada in order to take a permanent position in Ireland. He was accompanied by his wife and children,as well as all his property. Due to depressed real estate prices in his region, he was unable to sell his residence at a satisfactory price. However, he was able to rent it

    Savings Account and Deposit Techniques

    Suppose you open a savings account at an interest rate of 1.5 percent per year, compounded monthly. You make an initial deposit of $1,000 and, starting one month after you open the account, you deposit $100 each month and do not make any withdrawals. Identify which problem-solving techniques you would use to answer the question:

    Slopes and Functions

    #12 Determine the slope of each line Explanation of what I see here: There is a graph with a line going vertical from Y, 3, 1 and -1 Then there is a line above the numbers: -1, 1, 2, 3, x A blue line goes between the 3 and 1 (sorry I don't know how to the graph I am looking at) #22 The Coordinate Formula for Slope Fin

    Violent crimes equation

    The number of violent crimes reported in the U.S. in 1995 was 1,798,790, and decreased to 1,682,280 in 1996. Assume that the function that relates the number of violent crimes as the dependent variable, with the year that the number of crimes occurred as the independent variable, is linear. Write an equation for the line. I

    Slope of the line and linear relationship

    A wireless phone service charges 14.99 as a monthly charge and 0.30 per minute for local calls. How much would you pay in a month when you made ten local calls of three minutes each? Let C represent your total monthly cost assuming you made only local calls, did not receive any calls and the total number of minutes you wer