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    Polynomial Equations

    33 Pages | 3,796 Words

    This book is a study guide for solving polynomial equations. As a prelude to this topic, polynomial functions are graphed and discussed. The different factoring techniques of polynomials are also covered and later used to solve equations. The second section shows how factoring and synthetic division can be used to solve polynomial equations. The connection between the solution set and the graph of a polynomial function is also shown. Each topic includes solved examples. A practice test with answers is also included.

    This book is ideal for upper level high school students and college students who are enrolled in college level algebra courses or need to review these topics. In order to understand the content of this book, it is assumed that students have some basic knowledge of quadratic equations and complex numbers.

    An Introduction to Polynomial Equations

    This book explains how the polynomial function behaves graphically and how that is related to the solutions of polynomial equations. The tools used to solve polynomial equations in this text are factoring and the use of synthetic division. Polynomial functions are widely used in a variety of real world applications in science and business. These include projectile motion, particle velocity and acceleration, cost-revenue models, and supply-demand models.

    All polynomials considered in this text will factor to at least quadratic factors. Some of the solutions will be imaginary or complex number solutions. Polynomials that cannot factor to linear or quadratic factors will not be considered and are solved by more advanced techniques not mentioned in this text.