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    Decision-making information

    One challenge we face on a daily basis in business is calculating decision-making information when we only know part of the information. We may need to know how much we need to determine how changes in our sales will affect our bottom line. If we know our Fixed Costs (FC), our Variable Costs per unit (VCu), our Price per unit (P

    Investing for Retirement

    A college student invests $8000 in an account that pays interest annually. If the student would like this investment to be worth $1,000,000 in 45 years, what annual interest rate would the account need to pay?

    Graphing distance as a function of time

    A woman walks at a constant rate for 10 seconds. For the next 5 seconds the woman speeds up to a run. After running at a steady rate for 5 more seconds, the woman stops for 5 seconds. It then takes the woman 5 seconds to run back to where she started. Graph the position of the woman as a function of time. Be sure to label your g

    Financial Sustainability of Room Prices

    Problem: Room Prices Ten rooms are rented at rates of $80.00 (USD) and $120.00 (USD) per night. The total collected for the 10 rooms is $920.00 (USD). (a) Write a system of linear equations whose solution gives the number of each type of room rented. Be sure to state what each variable represents. (b) Solve the syste

    Question About Quadratic Function

    Write a word problem involving a quadratic function. How would you explain the steps in finding the solution to someone not in this class? Problem: My garden is 18 ft long and 15 ft. wide. I like to decrease the length by x feet and increase the width by the same number of feet. The equation A = (18-x)(15+x) = 270 + 3x - x^

    Euclidean domain

    Let R be a Euclidean domain such that delta (a + b) is less than or equal to max{ delta (a), delta (b)} for all non zero a, b in R. Prove that q and r in the definition of Euclidean domain are unique.

    Quadratic Congruence and Primitive Roots

    1. If g is a primitive root of p, show that two consecutive powers of g have consecutive least residues. That is, show that there exists k such that g^(k+1)=g^k+1(mod p) (Fibonacci primitive root) 2. Show that if p=12k+1 for somek , then (3/p)=1 3. Show that if a is aquadratic residue (mod p) and ab=1(mod p) then b is a qu

    Working with Real Data

    WORKING WITH REAL DATA Directions: Form a group of 2 to 4 people. Select someone to record the groupâ??s responses for this activity. All members of the group should work cooperatively to answer the questions. If your instructor asks for your results, each member of the group should be prepared to respond. AIDS Cases

    Per-Capita Death Rate for Fish

    In a fish farm, fish are harvested at a constant rate of 2500 fish per year. The per-capita death rate for the fish is 0.2 fish per year and the per-capita birth rate is 0.7 fish per year. (i) Derive a difference equation to describe the population of the fish. (ii) Solve this difference equation and determine the steady state

    Determine the interest on your loan

    Â??Looking for an attractive loan for the car of your dreams? Well, you have to look no more. Come in and show us your car deal. We will match any car loan and reduce the interest rate by 1%, with our â??simple interest car loanâ?. No down payment needed, and no trade-ins. Our loans must have a minimum interest rate of .5

    Interest Compounded Monthly: Example Problem

    Suppose $1,200 is invested into an account bearing 5.23% interest, compound monthly. Write an equation that will give the amount A in the account after t years. What would be the amount if compound daily, quarterly and continuously?

    The vertex of a parabola

    Since our projectile travels at a constant rate of 340 ft / sec in the horizontal direction, we have, using the formula D = RT, that our horizontal distance x = 340 t, giving t = x / 340 Our above equation h(t) can now be converted into h(x), as follows h(x)=-16*(x/340)^2+340*x/340 giving h(x)=-x^2/7225+x Wha

    Projectile Prediction

    Civil War Artillery Piece Part 1 We have a mortar which is fired at a 45 deg angle. It has an initial velocity component of 340 ft / sec in both the vertical as well as horizontal directions. We have, then, that our equation of height above ground as a function of time t is h(t) = -16t2 + 340t What is the ordered pair which

    Normal subgroup

    Let N be a normal subgroup of G, a in G, and C the conjugacy class of a in G. a) Prove that a in N if and only if C is contained in N. b) If C_i is any conjugacy class in G, prove that C_i is contained in N or the intersection of C_i and N is empty. c) Use the class equation to show that |N| = |C_1| + ...+ |C_k|, where C_1, .

    Velocity issues

    All boulders and rocks (large enough not to be buffeted by air current) appear to take the same time to hit bottom. My conjecture, observes Galileo, leader of the team, is that there is a universal gravitational constant which affects all objects, large or small. Knowing, as he does, that if such a constant exists, call it g f

    Question problem of tickets sold

    There were 377 tickets purchased for a major league baseball game. The general admission ticket cost $6.50and the upper box ticket cost $10.00. The total amount of many spent was $3168.00. How many of each kind of tickets were purchased? General Admission ???? Upper Box tickets ??? Please show work

    real roots graphs

    The graph of y = −11x 2 + 154x − 535 is a parabola that opens in the direction _____. It has vertex ______, y-intercept _____, and ____ real roots. up, (7, 4), 154, 2 down, (7, 4), −535, 2 down, (7, 4), −535, 1 down, (−7, 4), 154, 1 None of the above

    Dropped objects

    All boulders and rocks (large enough not to be buffeted by air current) appear to take the same time to hit bottom. My conjecture, observes Galileo, leader of the team, is that there is a universal gravitational constant which affects all objects, large or small. Knowing, as he does, that if such a constant exists, call it g f

    Calculating Total Interest from Investments

    A comprehensive investment plan is made for a person with a total investment of $26,300. The money is broken into three investments. Part of the money is invested into a retirement account 5.1% interest per year, part is invested in a saving account earning 2.8% interest per year, and part is invested into a certificate of depos

    Word problem

    The natural stride up a staircase has a slope of 3/5, meaning that a run of 5 inches has a rise of 3 inches. The model for a standard staircase is y=(3/5)x. Find the rise for a staircase constructed at a mansion which has a run of 12 inches.

    Set up of the proportion and the steps to solve

    Library Research Assignment Part 1: Using the Library, web resources, and/or other materials, find the gas mileage of your dream car or any car of your choice. Let x be the number of miles driven on 60 gallons of gas. By setting up and solving a proportion involving x, find the value of x for the car that you have chosen.

    Barstow word problem

    Barstow industrial supply has decided to raise 427.52 million in additional funding via a rights offering. the firm will issue one right for each share of stock outstanding. the offering consists of a total of $860,000 new shares. the current market price of the stock is $35. currently, there are 5.16 million shares outstanding.

    Quadratic Residue Question

    Let p be an odd prime and b be a quadratic residue of p. For p=19 for which pâ?¡3 (mod 4), show by direct calculation that the pairs 1 and 18, 2 and 17, 3 and 16, and so on, have one quadratic residue and one quadratic nonresidue.

    System of Equations: Length of a Storm

    Two storms occurred in one week in a certain area. in the first storm 25ml of rain fell per hour, and in the second strom 30ml of rain fell per hours. Rain lasted a total of 55 hours, resulting in a total rainfall of 1525 ml. How long did each storm last?

    Rate per hour?

    Two mechanics worked on a car. The first mechanic worked for 10 hours, and the second mechanic worked for 15 hours. Together they charged a total of $1525. What was the rate charged per hour by each mechanic if the sum of the two rates was $130 per hour?

    number of gallons consumed

    1st car has fuel efficiency of 15 miles per gallon. Second car has fuel efficiency of 40 miles per gallon. during a week the two cars combined went a total of 1225 miles with a total gas consumpton of 40 gallons. How many gallons were consumed by each car?

    Cauchy Sequence and Completeness of a Metric Space

    Let X be a complete metric space. If F_n is a sequence of nonempty closed subsets of X such that F_n+1 is contained in F_n and the limit as n-->infinity of the diameter(F_n) = 0, show that the interesection of all F_n is nonempty.

    Word problem

    The number N, in millions, of the hearing impaired individuals of age x can be approxiamted by N= -0.00006x^3 + .006x^2 -0.1x +1.7. Approximate to the nearest million the number of impaired individuals of ages 50 and 60. age 50 = age 60 =