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Solve. 2r + 8 = 3r - 12 6 3 The solution is r = ( ) Simplify the answer

Fluid ounces

A chain saw requires a mixture of engine oil and gasoline. According to the directions on the bottle, 2.8 fluid ounces of oil are required for 1 gallon of gasoline. For 2.93 gallons, how many fluid ounces of oil are required? ( ) fluid ounces?

Solve the equation

Solve the equation 5(2t - 4 ) + 4t = 40 - t The solution set of the equation is { }

Help me find cost equation and revenue equation.

Help me find cost equation and revenue equation. The PTO of Parksville Elementary School is having a Bazaar and all of the classes are expected to contribute to this fun and exciting event. The third grade teachers, along with some dedicated parents, decide to sell cotton candy. A little research shows you can get the mac


See attached 4) Use the graph of y = x2 + 4x - 5 to answer the following:

Word problems

A Special Olympics event has 12 more boys than girls competing. The total number of participants is 1000. How many boys competed and how many girls competed? ___boys ___girls


2r +6 4r - 36 ______ = ________ 8 4 The solution is r = simplify the answer


Rationalize the denominator and simplify (see attachment) sqrt(22) / sqrt(77)

Write and solve an equation

Write an equation using the information the problem. Then solve the equation. Six times a number is 10 more than five times the number.

Solving equations

By what number is it necessary to multiply each side of the equation in order to obtain just the left side? - x = 0.82 Do not actually solve the equation What number should each side be multiplied by?


Please show me the work 3x^2 - 1 = 0 |3x-4| < 5

Direct deposit problem: write an equation of a line

Direct deposit. The percentage of workers receiving direct deposit of their paychecks went from 32% in 1994 to 60% in 2004 ( Let 1994 be year 0 and 2004 be year 10. a) Write the equation of the line through (0, 32) and (10, 60) to model the growth of direct deposit. b) Use the accompanying graph

Graph the linw

I need to graph a line with the following equation 2x-5y-15=0 I need to know the 3 points I will need to use

Interval Notation and graph

See attachment Section One Interval Notation and graph: 50 - The set of real numbers less than or equal to - 4 94 - Which of the following integers has an absolute value greater than 1 -4,-3,-2,-1,0,1,2,3,4 100- The interval notation for the following: X-------0 -50 -40 -30 -20 -10 0 10 20 30 | | | |

What are the X and Y Intercepts?

Solve for both the x and y intercepts: Using the line given by the equation 8x-7y+13=0, solve for the intercepts which are unknown.

Coordinates of points when graphing a straight line

1. Points used to graph the slope -1 passing through the point (5,5). I only need to know were the points go by giving me the numbers. 2. Graph the line 2x-5y=10. I only need to know the 3 of the given points (x,y)(x,y) (x,y)

Word problem - The Sugar Sweet Company is going to transport its sugar to market. It will cost $3125 to rent trucks, and it will cost an additional $125 for each ton of sugar transported. ...

The Sugar Sweet Company is going to transport its sugar to market. It will cost $3125 to rent trucks, and it will cost an additional $125 for each ton of sugar transported. Let c represent the total cost (in dollars), and let S represent the amount of sugar (in tons) transported. Write an equation relating to C , and then

Solving for the Values of Two Unknown Numbers

The sum of 2 numbers is greater than or equal to 25. The 2nd number is 7 more than the first. What are the possible values for the first two numbers. In your answer denote the first number by x.


The area of a trapezoid is given by A=1/2h(a+b) where h is the height of the trapezoid and a and b are the lengths of the upper and the lower base respectively. Solve for a

Equation Word Problem

Mary purchased a prepaid phone card for $20. Long distance calls cost 8 cents a minute using this card. Mary used her card only once to make a long distance call. If the remaining credit on her card is $16.96 how many minutes did her call last?

Word problem

A local hamburger shop sold a total of 396 hamburgers and cheeseburgers on Wednesday. There were 54 fewer cheeseburgers sold then hamburgs. How many hamburgers were sold on Wednesday?


2(t+3)-5t=-3 solve for t

vertex, intercepts and range of parabola

See the attached problems 1. find the intercept, vertex, domain, and range, then graph the parabola (1) y = x^2 + 2x - 3 (2) y = -x^2 -5x - 4 (3) a = b^2 -6b - 16 2. graph the parabola, state the domain and range: (1) y = 1/3x^2 - 6 (2) y= -x^2 -1 (3) y = (x - 2)^2