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Measurements, Conversions and Area

Measurements and Calculations When making measurements, round each measurement to the nearest 1/4 foot. Part 1-Walls Calculate how much paint you will need to paint the walls of this room. To properly paint the walls, you will need to put one coat of primer paint and two coats of finish paint. For each calculation, briefly

Solving Equations

How do you solve these? 3^-1 - 6^-1 x^-12 / y^-1 (5x³)²/x^7 (x^6 / x²)^-3 3x³*5x^14 / 20x^14


How do you simplify these 3 problems? (3x-4)(x+5) (x+2)(x²+x+5) (x+1)(x³+4x²+7x+3) What is foil? and how do you use foil to solve these? (7-2y)(10-3y) (5z-2)(5z+2) (x-6)² (2-3x6)²

Together and Alone Word Problems

Jack can shovel snow off the sidewalk in 3 hours. Joe can shovel snow off the same sidewalk in 2 hours. How long will it take them to shovel the sidewalk working together?

Slope and Area of a Trapezoid

3.) what would be the slope of this line and how do you get it? (14, 9) (-10, -10) 4) How do you solve this? The area of a trapezoid is given A = 1/2h(a+b) h is the height of the trapezoid and a and b are the lengths of the upper and lower base Solve for a

Writing Equations from Word Problems

The length of a rectangular playground is 8 yards more than three times its width. If the perimeter of the playground is 208 yards, what are its dimensions?

Word Problem: Relative Speed

A child in an airport is able to cover 270 meters in 3 minutes running at a speed down a moving sidewalk in the direction of the sidewalks motion. Running at the same speed in the direction opposite to the sidewalk's movement, the child is able to cover 256 meters in 4 mintues. What is the child's running speed and the she spe

Word Problem

Advanced tickets to a show cost $25 and the same day ticket cost $15. The total number of tickets sold was 40 for the total receipts of $850. How many tickets were sold? Same day tickets = Advance tickets =

The weekly demand model for a new toy is given by

Please assist by showing how to solution is obtained. 12. The weekly demand model for a new toy is given by: N = -5p + 80 The weekly supply model for the same toy is: N = 3p + 40 For the models p is the price of the toy and N is the number of toys sold or supplied. Find the price at which supply and dema

Caling Card : Remaining Credit

Credit remains on a phone card in dollars is a linear function of a total calling time made with the card in minutes. The remaining credit after 26 minutes of calls is $26.10 and the remaining credit after 53 minutes of calls is $22.05. What is the remaining credit after 77 minutes of calls?

destination in miles as a linear function

Distance to the destination in miles is a linear function of the total driving time in minutes. Joe has 66 miles to his destination after 28 minutes and he has 39.4 miles after 56 minutes of driving. How many miles will he have to his destination after 72 minutes of driving? Please show work to solution.

Line Equation Word Problem

An agency is advertising a vacation package. The cost of the package is $500 for airfare and an additional $100 per day for hotel and car cost. Let C represent the total cost of the package in $ and let N represent the number of days on vacation. Write an equation relating C to N, then graph the equation using the Y axis to r