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Linear program using Excel Solver

See the attached file. A real estate developer is planning a new mini apartment complex. Three types of units can be built: one-bedroom apartments, two-bedroom apartments, and three-bedroom apartments. Each one-bedroom apartment requires 650 square feet; each two-bedroom apartment requires 800 square feet; and each three-bed

Calculate greatest number of strawberry-banana shakes possible

Please show all steps and computation. This morning, Mr. Singh will make strawberry-banana shakes using 300 strawberries and 60 bananas. Mr. Singh knows that he will use more strawberries than bananas in each shake , and he does not want to have any leftovers fruit. He wants all of the shakes to have equalnumbers of whole b

Algebra study guide

Week 3 Study guide Which numbers cannot be used in place of the variable in each rational expression? 44. Section 6.2 Perform the indicated operation. 70. Section 6.4 Addition and Subtraction of Rational Expressions 28. Perform the indicated operation. Reduce each answer to lowest terms. 40. 5

Equations using the substitution method

Show work. Solve using the substitution method 1. 5x + 12y + z = 10 2x + 5y + 2z = -1 x + 2y - 3z = 5 2. 2x - 4y + z =3 X - 3y + z= 5 3x-7y+2z=12 3. 5x + 8y - 6z=14 3x+ 4y -2z=8 x+2y-2z=3 4. 5x-11y+6z=12 -x+3y-2z=-4 3x-5y+2z=4 5. 3x+4y+2z=3 4x-2y-8z=-4 x+y-z=3 6. 2x-y-z=0 x+2y+z=3 3x+4y+2

Word Prob-Other

#1 Find slope given the following points: (2,5) and (2,1) #2. Find slope given the following points: (-3,-1) and (-2,4) #3. Write the point-slope form of the line using the requirements below, then use the point slope form of the equation to write the slope intercept form. Slope = 6 passing through (-4,7) #4)

system as independent, inconsistent, or dependent

Solve by graphing, indicate whether each system is independent, inconsistent, or dependent. 1. x + y = 5 x - y = -1 2. y = -x y = -x + 3 Solve by substitution, indicate whether each system is independent, inconsistent, or dependent. 3. x - y = 3 3x - 2y = 3 4. 2x - y = 3 6x - 9 = 3y Solve by the addition metho

Divide and Simplify Functions

Please see attached for full details of the problem. #1 Multiply. (3y - 7) A. B. C. D. #2 Divide and simplify. A. 3u/v B. 3v/u C. -3v/u D. #3 Simplify. A. B. C. D. #4 Factor completely. A. (h - 9s)(h - s) B. (h

Problem Solving Using Polya's 4 step model

This is the Problem: Public relations. Memorial Hospital is planning an advertising campaign. It costs the hospital $3000 each time a television ad is aired and $2000 each time a radio ad is aired. The administrator wants to air 60 more television ads than radio ads. If the total cost of airing the ads is $580,000, the

Interest and Loan Repayment

Please see the attached file for the fully formatted problems. 1.21) Geometric Series- Intro to Finance 10 ∑ 500 I=1 1.12 * 2825.11 TOPIC: TIME VALUE OF MONEY INTRO TO FINANCE 2.34) Suppose you put$250 at the beginning of every month into savings that credits interest at the annual rate of 6% per

Question about Tax rate

You have a item that you bought but you lost the sales receipt. There are no price stickers on the item (one of those time saving features for stores) but you remember you gave the clerk $40 and received x in change. Given that the sales tax rate in you state is 6.65%, how would you go about figuring the cost of the item itself

A tennis club offers two payment options:

5) A tennis club offers two payment options: Option1: $35 monthly fee plus $4/hour for court rental Option 2: No monthly fee but $6.50/hour for court rental. Let x = hours per month of court rental time. a) Write a mathematical model representing the total monthly cost, C, in terms of x for the following: Option 1: C=_

High School Math Problems/Sequences using sigma

Need help solving problem numbers 6,8,9,10,11, 12,13,14,15,16 and show work. I fxed the attachment to my self and save it. Please let me know if you can open file This sttachment may be better 6.What is the tenth term of the geometric progression ½, -1, 2, -4? 8.Which series is represented by ∑_(i=1)^4&#9618

Inductive Reasoning and Estimation

These are a total of 18 mixed problems all ranging from inductive reasoning to estimation. I need help coming to the conclusion. Please help me answer these study questions and show me step by step how to get the answer and how to check if the answer is correct.

Percentages and Food Content

Gather three of your favorite packaged foods, perhaps one from each: breakfast, lunch and dinner. Use the model used by the food industry, example and analyze, through the mathematical formula explained, the fat content and protein content from your foods. The written paper should be one page in length and concise in your reas

Finding the Difference

NOTES: 1. all steps of your solution must be shown and a few words to explain what you did to solve the problem. For instance, if lowest common denominators are required show how you determined the value of the LCD. If factors are removed, show the value of the total factor removed. Please do not just supply an answer.   .

Diffusion Equations and Boundary Conditions

Hello, I have a test coming up soon and I don't understand how to solve the kind of problem as given below. Please provide some explanation in the solution. Thanks in advance, Eriko Consider 
 equation € φt = a 2 φxx + x 3 , −L ≤ x ≤ L with
 € φ(x,0) =1

Functions and Domains

MTH133 Unit 4 - Individual Project Name: 1) State the domain of the following: a) Answer: b) Answer: c) Answer: d) Answer: e) Answer: 2) Suppose the graph of is shifted to obtain each the following graphs. What is the equation of the function, g(x), for each graph? a)

Solving for Net Present Value

A company is considering an investment in a machine that costs $54,000 and would result in cash savings of $15,000 per year for 5 years. The company's cost of capital is 10%. Compute the Net Present Value.

Solving Equations of Areas

Please see the attached file for the fully formatted problems. ? If a problem begins with units, the final answer should also include the proper units. ? Review all your work before submitting this Project. Typographical errors, incorrect formatting, typing words Where symbols belong, and so on, are all mistakes and will be

Radical Functions and Word Problems

Solve the following algebraically. Trial and error is not an appropriate method of solution. You must show all your work. (You may type cuberoots as cbrt(x) and show raising to the nth power as ^n, like x^3.) Find x: a) (1/4) = 3 - (2x-1)/(x+2) b) x^(2/3) = 125 c) cbrt(x) - 4 = 2 2) Solve algebraically and chec

Project Management : Network Diagrams, Start and Finish Times and Crashing

Wild Cat Petroleum Company has struck oil on their latest drilling project in central Africa. You are responsible for developing a minimum cost schedule to bring the first wellhead into production. Unfortunately, local workers are not available due to the continuing unrest in the surrounding territory (a lingering civil war).

Word problem

A local horse rancher died early one morning and his will bequeathed his herd of racehorses to his three sons. The will specified that the herd must be divided exactly; and 1/2 of the horses should go to the eldest son, 1/3 of the horses to the second son, and 1/9 of the horses to the youngest son. Unfortunately for the sons at

Writing equations from description

A company pays a monthly rent of $3,000 per month for the office space and it pays $1,000 to each employee every month (there is a total of 12 employees). In addition each employee gets a bonus of $10 for each unit they complete during the month. The company's revenue is $18 for each unit completed by the employees. Answer the f

Regression and Cost Functions

Chapter: 1, exercise 18 18. Refer to the Wage data, which reports information on annual wages for a sample of 100workers. Also included are variables relating to industry, years of education, and gender for each worker. a. Which of the 12 variables are qualitative and which are quantitative? b. Determine the level of me

Proofs : Grorups, Subgroups and Indexes

1.) If |G|=p^n for some prime p, and 1 is not equal to H, a normal subgroup of G, show that H intersect Z(G) is not equal to 1. 2.) Suppose G is finite, H is a subgroup of G, [G:H]=n and |G| does not divide n!. Show that there is a normal subgroup K of G, with K not equal to 1, such that K is a subgr


Direct, Inverse, and Joint Variation Write a formula that expresses the relationship described by each statement. Use k for the constant in each case 6. m varies directly as p 8. u varies inversely as n. 18. c varies inversely as d, and c _ 5 when d _ 2. Solve the variation problem 26. n varies directly as q, an

Five-Number Summary, Graphing, Quartiles, Median and Mean

Please see the attached file for the fully formatted problems. The graph and table below give the monthly principal and interest payments for a mortgage from 1999 to 2004. Use this information to predict the payment for 2005. Year Payment 1999 $1,012 2000 $1,073 2001 $1,145 2002 $1,181 2003 $1,236 2004 $1,278 F