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Regression and Cost Functions

Chapter: 1, exercise 18 18. Refer to the Wage data, which reports information on annual wages for a sample of 100workers. Also included are variables relating to industry, years of education, and gender for each worker. a. Which of the 12 variables are qualitative and which are quantitative? b. Determine the level of me

Proofs : Grorups, Subgroups and Indexes

1.) If |G|=p^n for some prime p, and 1 is not equal to H, a normal subgroup of G, show that H intersect Z(G) is not equal to 1. 2.) Suppose G is finite, H is a subgroup of G, [G:H]=n and |G| does not divide n!. Show that there is a normal subgroup K of G, with K not equal to 1, such that K is a subgr

The sum of two times the base and ...

The sum of two times the base and three times the height of a rectangular rug is 104 cm. Find the dimensions for which the area of the rug is maximized.


Direct, Inverse, and Joint Variation Write a formula that expresses the relationship described by each statement. Use k for the constant in each case 6. m varies directly as p 8. u varies inversely as n. 18. c varies inversely as d, and c _ 5 when d _ 2. Solve the variation problem 26. n varies directly as q, an

Five-Number Summary, Graphing, Quartiles, Median and Mean

Please see the attached file for the fully formatted problems. The graph and table below give the monthly principal and interest payments for a mortgage from 1999 to 2004. Use this information to predict the payment for 2005. Year Payment 1999 $1,012 2000 $1,073 2001 $1,145 2002 $1,181 2003 $1,236 2004 $1,278 F

Pulling an Equation out of a Word Problem

The cost of water use (in dollars) is a linear function of the amount of water used (in hundreds of cubic feet, HCF), as shown in the figure below. The cost for using 19 HCF of water is 33.75 , and the cost for using 36 HCF is 61.80 . What is the cost for using 34 HCF of water?


A rectangle has an area of 3648 in ^2 and a perimeter of 268 in. The length (long side) is _______in. The width (shorter side) is _____in.


Advance tickets to a show cost 20 , and same-day tickets cost 30 . The total number of tickets sold was 40 for total receipts of 950 . How many tickets of each type were sold?

Word problem

Kim starts to walk 3 miles to school at 7:30 a.m. with a temperature of 0 degrees F. Her brother Bryan starts t 7:45 a.m. on his bicycle traveling 10 mph faster than Kim. If they get to school at the same time, than how fast is each one traveling?

Mathematics - Linear Simultaneous Equations

A ceramics workshop makes wreaths, trees, and sleighs for sale at Christmas. A wreath takes 3 hours to prepare, 2 hours to paint, and 8 hours to fire. A tree takes 16 hours to prepare, 3 hours to paint, and 4 hours to fire. A sleigh takes 4 hours to prepare, 17 hours to paint, and 7 hours to fire. If the workshop has 113 hours f

Word problem

Tom Quig traveled 290 mi east of St. Louis. For most of the trip he averaged 70 mph, but for one period of time he was slowed to 20 mph due to a major accident. If the total time of travel was 7 hr, how many miles did he drive at the reduced speed?


The sum of twice a number and 15 less than the number is the same as the difference between -31 and the number. What is the number?

Simplify the Equation

Rewrite the rational expression on the left with the given new denominator. 28a/a*2 - 2a - 35 = ?/(a-7) (a + 5) (a+9) What is the new numerator?

Math Word Problem

Janet, an experienced shipping clerk, can filled a certain order in 12 hours. Jim, a new clerk, needs 13 hours to do the same job. Working together how long will it take them to fill the order? The solution is __ hours. Simlify the answer. Type an integer or a fraction.

Find the dimension

The length of a rectangular garden is 6 m greater than the width. The area is 72 M*2. Find the dimension of the garden. The width of the garden is __ m The length of the garden is __ m

Life Expectancy of Males

Word problems In 1994, the life expectancy of males in a certain country was 72.4 years. In 2000 it was 74.5. Let E represent the life expectancy in year t and let t represent the number of years since 1994. The linear equation that fits is E(t)= _t + _ please round to the nearest tenth. Then use the equation to predict t