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The total worth of Barbie dolls

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1. Gennie has a large collection of Barbie dolls, worth a total of $55,000. Within the collection, she has three groups of dolls: Model Collection dolls, International Beauty dolls, and Princess dolls. She determines that the total worth of the Model Collection dolls is $5000 more than the total worth of the International Beauty dolls. The Princess dolls are worth $200 less than the worth of the Model Collection dolls and International Beauty dolls together. How much is each group of dolls worth?

Let m = worth of the Model collection dolls
Let n = worth of International Beauty dolls
Let p = worth of Princess dolls

2. A chemist is mixing a solution containing 20% bromine with a second solution containing 35% bromine. He wishes to prepare 200 oz. of a solution containing 23% bromine. How much of each of the solutions should he use? [Round to the nearest tenth of an ounce.]

Let x represent the amount of solution 1 (20%)
Let y represent the amount of solution 2 (35%)

Please explain each step in both problems.

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1. The total worth of Barbie dolls is $55,000
m + n + p = 55,000
The total worth of Model dolls is $5000 more than than International Beauty
m = n + 5000
The Princess dolls are worth $200 less than Model and International together
p = m + n - 200

Thus we have three equations
(1) m + n + p = 55,000
(2) m - n ...

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