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Quick Mix Boxer Food Company

The Quick Mix Boxer Food Company wishes to introduce a package of dog treats which contains two new flavors of dog biscuits; liver and chicken which must meet certain nutritional requirements. The liver flavored biscuits contain 1 unit of nutrient A and 2 units of nutrient B, while the chicken flavored biscuits contain 1 unit

Describe transformations on graph

State the placement of the horizontal asymptote and y-intercept after the transformation. For example, left 1 or rotated about the y-axis are descriptions. a) g(x)=e^x-5 description of transformation: equation(s) for the horizontal asymptote(s): y-intercept in (x,y) form: b) h(x)=-e^x description of transformation: equat

Transformation of graphs

Please see an attachment. 1) Describe the transformations on the following graph of f(x) = e^x . State the placement of the horizontal asymptote and y-intercept after the transformation. For example, left 1 or rotated about the y-axis are descriptions. a) g(x) = e^x - 2 b) h(x) = - e^x 2) Describe the transformations

Which solution is right?

Solution 1: x has the solution of -1/2 or 4 it means x-0.5 or x-4 is equal to zero => (x-0.5)(x-4)=0 =>x^2 -4.5x+2=0 =>2x^2-9x+4=0 Solution 2: x = -1/2 and x = 4 (x+1/2)(x-4)=0 (x+1/2)(x-8/2)=0 x2-7/2x-2=0 2x2-7x-4=0


If I gave you x^2 - 3.5x - 2 = 0, why would that be difficult to factor?

Find the antiderivative of

Please see attached file for full problem description. 1. Find the antiderivative of 2. Find the area under the curve given by the function on the interval 3. A winner in a number game lottery has to guess correctly 4 numbers. Each of the numbers has to be from 0 to 9. How many possible outcomes of the lottery are

Using the Karush-Kuhn Condition

1. Consider the LP Max z=c1x1+2x2+c3x3 Subject to x1 + 5x2+a1x3 ≤ b1 X1-5x2+a2x3≤ b2 X1, x2, x3 ≥ 0 The optimal tableau for this LP is 1 d1 2 1 0 30 0 d2 -8 -1 1 10 ------------------------------------ 0 d3 -7 d4 0 z - 150 Without u

Writing Multi-Step Word Problems

I need to write 3 multi-step word problems with answers. One must use percentages, one must use exponents and the third can be any type. I have to include the process for solving each of the problems. The word problems don't have to be very difficult.

Speed and distance

1.The speed at which light travels is approximately 3.0 × 105 kilometers per second. How far will light travel in 1.5 × 101 seconds? 2. The distance from Earth to the planet Jupiter is approximately 4.5 × 108 miles. If a spaceship traveled at a speed of 2.5 × 104 miles per hour, how many hours would it take the spaceshi

Some algebra questions involving rates

Gaining and losing weight are matters of caloric accounting: Calories in the food you eat minus Calories that you spend in activity. One pound of human body fat contains approximately 3,500 Calories. Based on information provided: Running 7 minute miles burns 979 calories per hour. Swimming at 2mph burns 408 calories per

Factor completely

Factor completely: 4k2 + 12k + 9 a. ( 2k - 9 )( - 3k + 1) b. ( 2k + 3 )2 c. ( 2k - 3 )2 d. ( 2k + 3 )( 2k - 3) Question 2 Factor completely: x2 - 100 a. ( x + 10 )( x - 12 ) b. ( x + 10 )( x + 10 ) c. ( x - 10 )( x - 10 ) d. ( x + 10 )( x - 10 )

Let a sequence be defined on the x-axis as follows

Respected Sir / Madam, I need following question to be answered. Please mention each and every step. Please explain every thing. Text Book:- Taylor & Menon. Page 523 Exercise Problem. Page 526 Exercise Problem Thanking you

Subspace Proof Question

Linear Algebra Let V belonging to R^n be a subspace. Show that V belongs to (V^1)^1. Do you think more is true?

Horizontal and Vertical Asymptotes

1. How do you determine the vertical asymptotes, given the equation of a rational function? Illustrate with an example. Why can't the graph of that function cross the assymptote? Describe what happens to the graph of a function as the value of the independent variable approaches its vertical asymptote. 2. How do you determin

Graphing Parabolas

The parabola opens upward. The vertex is (0, 0). And the line of symmetry is y-axis. (2, 7) is the other point in this problem.