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Parabolic arch

Suppose you wanted to design a parabolic arch (a parabola opening downward) as a trellis in your garden. This would mean that the first term of the quadratic equation, the term with the variable raised to the second power, would have to be negative. An engineering friend suggests that the following quadratic function might be ae

Maclaurin and analyticity

Please show all steps to solution. Find the Maclaurin series for...and describe the region of analyticity.


1) Solve the following algebraically. All answers should be written in rational form. a) 3x + 7 = 9 Answer: Show your work here: b)-3(x+5) +3=12 Answer: Show your work here: c) 2/3x+1/6x=2 Answer: Show your work here: d)-2x-4<10 Answer: Show your work here: 2) a)3x+4y=8 Solve for


1.The equation C=mx+b can be used to model the monthly cost, C, of a cell phone plan where b is the flat monthly cost, m represents the cost in dollars per minute and x is the number of minutes used in the month. Choose a flat monthly rate and cost per minute and insert the values you have chosen for m and b into the equation. T

Rational Equations

1. Solve 2. Solve 3. Solve 4. Solve the following for x 5. Solve the following equation for the variable 6. Solve 7. Solve 8. Jack usually mows his lawn in 5 hours. Marilyn can mow the same yard in 3 hours. How much time would it take them to mow the lawn together? 9. The speed of a passenger train is 10mph faster tha

Word problem

At 9:00 a.m. a truck leaves the truck yard and travels west at a rate of 45 mi/hr. Two hours later, a second truck leaves along the same route, traveling at 55 mi/hr. When will the second truck catch up to the first?

Function inverse

I would like to know how to calculate x when y is given and I am assuming there would be two solutions y = 1/x, x is not equal to 0 1. y = 1/x + 2, x is not equal to 0 2. y = 1/x - 2, x is not equal to 2 3. 1 + 1/x + 2, x is not equal to -2 Thank you

Explanation of solution

Please explain this equation? This was in my text book and I am having a hard time understanding this. How do you arrive to this answer x+4sq=12 x+16=12 x+16-16=12 -16 x= -4

Sets, Counting, Union and Intersection

Create two sets, set A and set B. Set A will be a list of five items you personally NEED to buy the most (essential items). Set B will be a list of five items that you WANT to buy the most (fun stuff). * List the items in Set A and Set B, and also list or state the items in the union and in the intersection of Set A a

Graph and analyze Linear functions

Please help me with these problems and please show all work and steps to your solutions. This will help me better understand the problems once I have the answer and the steps for it. Thanks! Please show work 1. How do we write the equation of a horizontal line? What would be an example? 2. How do we write the equation of


See attachment 1. John wants to fence a 150 square meters rectangular field. He wants the length and width to be natural numbers {1,2,3,...}. What field dimensions will require the least amount of fencing? 2. List the terms that complete a possible pattern in each of the following, and classify each sequence as arit


Can you do a step by step explanation of how to do these problems so I can understand them find the slope of the passing line through each pair points (4.3) (3,8)slope = (-2,1)(6, -1) write each equation in slope- intercept form (y=mx+b) -7y=8x-3 y= 5x+4y=100 y= write the equation of the line in point slope form[y-y to

Applying Algebra in Word Problems

Please help with the following problems which involve applying algebra in word problems. In 2002, Home Depot's sales amounted to $58,200,000,000. In 2006, its sales were $90,800,000,000. b. What was the percent growth in Home Depot's sales from 2002 to 2006? Do all your work by using scientific notation. (source: Home

Determine solution

Determine whether (6,7) is a solution of 2x + 5y= -4 Is (6,7) a solution to the equation?

Word Problem

The mass of Uranus is about 8.7x10^22 metric tons. The mass of the sun is about 1.998x10^27 metric tons. About how many times the mass of Uranus is the mass of the sun? Give your answer in scientific notation. The mass of the sun is about __ times the mass of Uranus.

Finding and simplifying: GCF

Find the greatest common factor of the two expressions: 24u^6xz^3 and 20x^5z^2 Simplify your answer as much as possible.

Solve the equation.

Solve the equation. 0.8 (x + 10) + 0.8x = 72 The solution set of the equation is { }

Find the Pounds

Set up and solve a proportion for the following application problem. If 4 pounds of grass seed cover 384 square feet. How many pounds are needed for 7296 square feet? ( ) pounds?