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Book prices

Pat and Carlos both belong to the same book club. The book club has two prices on its books: a flat fee for regular selections and another flat fee for specially discounted items. Pat orders two regular selections and four specially discounted one for a total of $119.80. Carlos orders three regular selections and five specially

Find the number of boys and girls involved in the group

A professor started a project with a group of students, 60% of whom were boys, due to some unavoidable reason, six girls couldn't show up, so the professor had to make some changes in the group. He admitted six boys. In doing so the percentage of boys in the project increased to 75%. Find the number of boys and girls involved in

Group Theory : Generators and Relations

Text Book:- Contemporary Abstract Algebra. Author:- Gallien In page number 449, i need following questions to be answered: 4, 12/a, b, 21, 22, 24. 25. Please mention each and ever step.

Equilibrium Price, Supply and Demand Equations

Suppose the supply and demand for wheat is given by: Supply: Qs = 1800 + 240P Demand: Qd = 2550 + 10I - 266P, Where P = the price per bushel of wheat and I = income. The current value of I is 100. a. Find the current equilibrium price and quantity of wheat sold in the market place. b. Find the equilibrium price and qu

Lagrangian Method for Maximization.

L=x^1/2 y^1/2 + Lambda (4-x-y) 1. Find first order partial derivative with respect to x, y, and Lambda. 2. Find the value of x and y which maximize Lambda. 3. Find Lambda and interpret the results Can you validate using substitution method.


Square root of 3 square root of 3 ______________ - ________________ square root of 6 -1 square root of 6 + 1

Simple Groups and Sylow p-Subgroups

(1) Prove that if |G|=1365, then G is not simple. (2) Assume that G is a nonabelian group of order 15. Prove that Z(G)=1. Use the fact that the group generated by "g" is less than or equal to C_G(g) for all "g" in G to show that there is at most one possible class equation for G.

Inflation and present value

Please develop a hypothetical scenario in a word document illustrating these concepts. Inflation: 1. If your salary today is $55,000 per year, what would you expect your salary to be in 20 years (rounded to the nearest thousand dollars) if you assume that inflation will continue at a constant rate of 6% over that time peri

Find the Numbers

If x represents one number and y represents the other need to write a system of nonlinear equations to solve the system and find the numbers. The sum of 2 numbers is 10 and their product is 24, find the numbers.

Word Problem

A car uses 9 gallons of gasoline on a trip of 315 miles. At that rate, how much gasoline will a trip of 595 miles require? Please show work.

Find the rates.

Lee rides his bike 50 miles in the same time it takes him to drive 125 miles. If his driving rate is 30 mi/h faster than his rate biking, find each rate. Please show how you arrived at the answer.

Taylor Approximation

Can someone show me how to obtain the quadratic approximation of f(x1,x2) = x1^(3/4) * x2^(1/4) when (x1,x2) is close to (1,1)?

Solving for variables

Solve A= lw for I Solve for b A = 1/2bh Solve for b A = 1/2h(B+b) Solve for h V = 1/3 Bh


Please see the attached file for the fully formatted problem.

Algebra Questions

Perform the indicated operation: (6x-18)/(2x^2-5x-3) * (4x^2+4x+1)/(6x+3)

Writing Equations from Word Problems

1) Describe the pattern and find the next two letters: G, B, W, R, ?, ?. Explain Answer. 2) Challenge. Ten times the sum of 30 and 15 is the same as the sum of a number and 12. What is the number? Thanks and please explain.

Difference in Area

A lot of 40 meters by 36 meters. A house 27 meters by 9 meters is built on the lot. How much area is left over for a lawn?

Logarithims and Exponents

If the amplitude ratio, N in decibels, of an electrical system is given by the formula;- N=10log(Po [output]/Pi [input]) and the power is given by;- P=V^2/R Show that for matched input and output resistances the output voltage V[output] is related to V[input] by ;- Vo[output]=Vi [input] 10^(N/20) If N is increa