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    Riemann Left and Right Hand Sums

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    Give the following table of values determine by the empirical (ie: the Riemann left and right hand sums) method the area under the function between X=0 and X=70. (hint: use n=7)

    X 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70
    Y 700 400 300 400 700 1200 1900 2800

    A. Graph the function over these x values and explain in your own words what the relationship means. Is it an additive function?

    B. Compute the left and right hand areas of the five rectangles and superimpose these rectangles on the graph or the data table.

    C. Approximate the true area and determine a function statement or equation that best describes the relationship between the area and x values.

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    (a) According to the data given from the table, we graph the function as below.

    From the graph, the function is not an ...

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