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A woman walks at a constant rate for 10 seconds. For the next 5 seconds the woman speeds up to a run. After running at a steady rate for 5 more seconds, the woman stops for 5 seconds. It then takes the woman 5 seconds to run back to where she started. Graph the position of the woman as a function of time. Be sure to label your graph including time intervals.

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This solution shows how to create a graph showing a woman's walking trajectory as a function of time, given her movement pattern and the time frame.

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Woman's motion can be described in the following stages:

1. 0 < t < 10 sec: Constant speed (say u). The displacement with respect to the origin changes as per the equation: x = ut ........ (1)

[Note: We take the woman's position at t = 0 as the origin i.e. x = 0]

Equation (1) is that of a ...

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