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A Discussion On Kinematics And Collision

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Two soccer players start from rest, 49.0 m apart. They run directly toward each other, both players accelerating. The first player has an acceleration whose magnitude is 0.574 m/s2. The second player's acceleration has a magnitude of 0.226 m/s2. (a) How much time passes before they collide? (b) At the instant they collide, how far has the first player run?

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The solution comprises of a concise step by step calculation of determining time before collision and distance traveled in a kinematics problem.

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In the discussion of the Lindemann mechanism, it was assumed that the rate of activation by collisions with another reactant molecule, A, was the same with a non-reactant molecule, M, such as an inert gas. What if the rates of activation for these two process are different? In this case, the mechanism become

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