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Difficulty over a problem relating to the motion of a projectile.

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A player throws a ball with an initial velocity Vo of 15 m/s from a point A located 1.5 m above the floor. Knowing that the ceiling of the gymnasium is 6 m high, determine the highest point B at which the ball can strike the wall 18 m away.

This problem was taken from the curvilinear motion of particles inside the kinematics of particles section. So, for my understanding of this theory, can you solve this problem with respect to the formulae of these sections? Note: Neglect the air resistance of this problem.

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The best way to attack this problem is think of it intuitively. So let me spend sometime explaining some of my intuition before we delve into kinematics equations. The ideal situation would be if Vo were big enough to reach a height of 6m and distanceof 18 m at the same time. This would be ...

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