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A projectile fired from a tower and hits a tank on the ground. Value of N in seconds

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SEE ATTACHMENT #1 for a diagram showing known parameters.

An antitank gun with initial velocity Vo= 240 m/sec at +10 degrees is located on top of a tower 60 m above ground. A tank is initially at rest, 2200 m from the base of the tower on the level ground. At time t=0, the tank crew sees the gun and begins to accelerate at .9 m/sec^2 away from it. The gun crew waits N seconds, then fires a projectile which hits the tank.

Find the value of N in seconds.

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In a step by step solution, the problem and the answer is explained. A projectile fired from a tower and hits a tank on the ground are examined. The value of the force in Newtons are determined.

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Step 1.
Observe carefully the diagram on ATTACHMENT #1. Such a diagram is always very helpful in constructing a solution, and should be your first step.

Step 2.
With the initial position and velocity of the ...

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