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Solving Age Related Problems.

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Please help solve the following age-related problems.

Problem 1

Barbie's father's age is 45. He is 15 more than than twice the age of Barbie. How old is Barbie?

Problem 2

Brenda's age is 3 times Layton's age. In 4 years, she will be twice as old as Layton by then. What are their present ages?

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Topic: Age Problems

Let's see how to solve word problems.

Most of the age word problems discuss the present ages of two or more people and their ages at some given time in the past or in the future.

The key to solve these age problems is the proper selection of unknowns.
Subscripted variables are very helpful.

We have to translate the verbal expressions into an arithmetic equation.

Here are some key words to help in the translation:

Key words // Meaning
increased by, more than, combined together, total of, sum, added to, and // addition(+)
less than, fewer than, reduced by, decreased ...

Solution Summary

This module provides a general explanation of how to solve age related problems and how to form equations from the verbal expressions

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