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    Am having difficulty plugging in the correct values into the formulas to be sued. If you can please provide step by step work out of the following problems. Begin with formula to be used and then work out so i can see where values go I would appreciate it.

    2) A biologist suspected that in the 20-24 age group, males have a higher mean diastolic blood pressure than females.
    The data are:
    n x (mean) s2
    (male) A 45 75 10.1

    (female) B 45 70 9.8

    Use a .01 level of significance to test the biologist's suspicion.

    3) The mayor of city A claimed that there was not difference in mean air quality of cities A and B. Independent samples for each city gave the following data:

    n x (mean) s2

    City A 11 3.8 .39

    City B 11 3.5 .10

    Using a .05 level of significance, test the claim.

    4) A state politician wanted to determine if there was any difference in her support between the eastern and western parts of the state. In a sample from each sector of size 150, 90 of the voters in the east and 80 in the west satisfied with her performance. At the .05 level of significance, test whether there is any difference in her support between the eastern and western parts of the state.

    5) For the data given below, find the equation of the regression line

    x y

    . 1 2
    2 4
    3 3
    4 6

    6) For the data given above in problem 5, compute the correlation coefficient.

    7) A sample of 50 movie-goer was taken to see if the rating of a
    Controversial movie and age of viewer are related. The following data were obtained:

    excellent fair poor

    < 30 6 12 8

    30 or older 10 6 8.

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