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    Steps in Data Analysis

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    What are the steps in data analysis? Provide details of each step.

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    Good morning from Cleveland, Ohio.

    Glad to help you out with the data analysis issue you have presented. Let me say first off that as an applied statistician and researcher I am confonted daily with this very issue whether it be in the calssroom or at a business location wherein I am consulting. However, before getting to the nitty gritty of the matter let me say a couple things first that will help you in the future with this very issue. First off, don't evr be fearful of statistics and the process of data analysis. Statistics are not haunting, mystical or foreboding. Statistics do not involve analytical geometry or advanced calculus. Believe me now :-) Statistics are nothing more that the mathematics we all learned in high school. Statistics are simply another of different way of expressing addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Hey...the only difference is that statistics have some funny looking Greek letters attached to the simple math functions I just now mentioned. They really are!! :-) Okay...with me so far? Good...lets get to you matter now with respect to the steps in data analysis.

    1. Data that you gather is nothing more than a bunch of numeric values. These values have absolutley no meaning until you assign ...

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    This solution describes the steps in data analysis.