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Five-Step Problem Solving Model

Can you provide me with the basic steps for solving problems in algebra? Please provide an example (e.g., a problem solving for the variable x) using these steps.

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Five-Step Problem Solving Method


1. Read the problem carefully.
2. Make sure you understand the situation that is described.
3. Make sure you understand what information is provided, and what the question is asking.
4. For many problems, drawing a clearly labeled picture is very helpful.


1. First focus on the objective. What do you need to know in order to answer the question?
2. Then look at the given information. How can you use that information to get what you need to know to answer the question?
3. If you do not see a clear logical path leading from the given information to the solution, just try something. Look at the given information and think about what you can find from it, even if ...

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This solution explains the basic five-step problem solving model to simplify solving problems in algebra through discussion and illustrative example (e.g., problem solving for the variable x).