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    World History

    Brazil: Indigenous Groups or Religious or Ethnic Minorities

    I need suggestions/ideas on the following: Address the following in this section of your paper: 1. Describe the indigenous groups or religious or ethnic minorities within Brazil. Be sure to approximate each group's percentage within the general population. 2. In the past, how have the dominant population treated minori

    Midway and the Battle of the Atlantic - World War II

    Please help me with the following question. I need a general understanding: 1. What dilemma faced the Japanese naval general staff in the spring of 1942? 2. How was this dilemma the same or different from what the Allied admirals faced? 3. What was Admiral Yamamoto's plan? 4. What does the Battle of Midway tell y

    Social Protest Movements in Brazil

    Please provide suggestions/ideas on the following: Research the types of social protest movements in Brazil. 1. What motivated or what reasons were there for this protest? Is the status of the economy related? 2. Do any religious groups get involved in social or economic problems in Brazil?

    The effects of the Roman Empire conquests

    Please explain to me how all of the Roman conquests actually affected Rome? Did it lead to more and more power or was it a direct contribution to the Empire's ultimate downfall?

    Amphibious Operations - World Wars

    Can anyone shed light and answer the attached questions? I would like to have a good knowledge of amphibious operations during the periods in questions. Please answer each question specifically e.g. examples and references for the following: 1. The Royal Navy took an early lead in naval air development. What were the poten

    World Wars - Greatest Impact on Both

    I would just like to have an expert opinion from someone on the following question: 1. What technological advancement had the greatest impact in shaping or deciding the outcome of WWI, The Interwar Period, and World II: the Tanks, Strategic Bombers, or Amphibious Warfare?

    Need some help with early western civilization

    There are several questions that I just am not sure if my answers are correct. They are: 1) The earliest Greek philosophers were concerned with questions involving: a. Ethical conduct. b. A rational explanation of phenomena. c. The ideal political system. d. None of the above. My answer is (C). 2

    WWI Achieving Territorial Advances

    Please provide an explanation to this question regarding WWI. Besides achieving territorial advances far exceeding anything on the Western Front since 1914, do any of the tactical developments of 1918 produce operational or strategic decision?

    World War I: German and Allied Tactical Assault Methods

    Please provide some additional input on the following question to further broaden my perspective of WWI: 1. Compare the Allied and German tactical methods of assault on the Western Front in 1918 with those practiced from 1915 to 1917. 2. How do the methods from the two different time periods compare in terms of casualtie

    German tactical methods in 1918

    Please answer the following question w/some detail. I'm trying to get a better understanding of some of the events that took place during the "Great War." Summarize the German tactical methods of 1918 that eventually broke the stalemate and restored tactical mobility to their forces on the Western Front.

    Age of Enlightenment

    What were the origins of the Enlightenment and what new ideas did the philosophies contribute to European thinking about politics, economics, education, religion and the place of women in society? In particular, how did Enlightenment ideas affect the practice of European politics through Enlightened Absolutism and the French Rev

    Trade relations are acknowledged.

    What is the trade relationship between the United States and Latin American countries during the last half century? How do past Latin American trade practices affect the region today?

    Latin american history

    Discuss institutions that the colonial period and its Iberian heritage, having ended in the early decades of the 19th Century, established that are still in place today in Latin America. ( institutions such as the church, agro economics, Land tenure etc not buildings)what is the most significant of the influences in contempora

    Conquest culture/Cultural crystallization

    1. Discuss the concept of "conquest culture." 2. Discuss if and how "cultural crystallization" was significant in determining what the final stabilized forms of the Latin American acculturated society was. Thank you.

    Colonial period and its Iberian heritage

    Discuss the series of institutions from the colonial period and its Iberian heritage (e.g. period that ended in the early decades of the 19th Century) established that are still in place today. Why do

    Liberal Reforms of the Early 20th Century

    1. What were the reasons behind the Liberal reforms of the early 20th Century? e.g. things such as school meals, national insurance etc. 2. Why did the Liberals go out of power?