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    Amphibious Operations - Wolrd Wars

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    Can anyone shed light and answer the attached questions? I would like to have a good knowledge of amphibious operations during the periods in questions. Please answer each question specifically e.g. examples and references for the following:

    1. The Royal Navy took an early lead in naval air development. What were the potential uses for a naval air arm during World War I?

    2. After establishing an early lead in carrier development, why were the British unable to put theory into practice?

    3. What was the effect of dual control on British naval aviation development?

    4. To what degree did the major navies before World War II envision the aircraft carrier as a strategic weapon?

    5. How did the Washington Naval Treaty influence innovation in the Japanese and American Fleets with regard to the Aircraft Carrier?

    6. What was the role of British naval aviation in the development of their doctrine? How did this compare to the development of American and Japanese naval doctrine?

    7. What was the British conception of naval battle for the next war after World War I? How did this perspective affect their thinking about the role of naval aviation? Was their pre-World War II conception accurate?

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