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    Paradise Lost's Characterizations

    "Paradise Lost" contains more major speaking roles for divine, angelic, and demonic characters than most of the texts. How are these groups represented? Are all angels uniform in character and personality? Are all fallen angels equal, of the same mind, or described in the same manner? How is God portrayed? How do these repr

    "Paradise Lost"

    How are illusion and deception depicted in "Paradise Lost"? Who uses illusions or deception? What forms of illusion and deception are used? Are illusion and deception consistently linked to evil in Western Tradition, or are there ethical uses?

    Book of the Courtier and Deception

    Where does deception fit into the "Book of the Courtier"? Do those constructing the ideal courtier value complete honesty, deception, or something in between? Why? When, to whom, and why should the ideal courtier be honest or practice deception? To what degree is the "Book of the Courtier" truth or deception? Why did Castig

    "The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym," by Edgar Allan Poe

    One of Edgar Allan Poe's least known works is the author's only attempt at a novel, The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket. This essay serves to familiarize students with the basic elements of the plot, the historical influences that led to the novel's creation, and the critical reception it has received.

    Dante's "Commedia" and Portrayals of the Afterlife

    Dante's "Commedia" is one of the most elaborate portrayals of the afterlife in Western literature. How does Dante represent death? How does his representation of the afterlife compare to what we've seen in other texts? How does Dante's Hell function? Why does Dante take this visionary journey? Why do characters in other texts jo

    Education Themes in Children's Stories

    Discuss the themes of Education in Heidi (1880), Pinocchio (1881), and Through the Looking-Glass (1871). Some of my questions include: - How is education described differently or similarly in the three stories? - How do children learn in these stories? - How should children be taught according to the stories? - How are t

    Emotions Described in Beowulf

    Revenge is a strong motivator in "Beowulf." Who is motivated by revenge in this poem? Is revenge depicted negatively, positively, or ambivalently? Do the characters in Beowulf appear to be as driven by emotion as characters in those other texts? Who seems motivated by emotion? Which emotions are the most powerful in this te

    Charles Dickens' Female Characters

    Charles Dickens uses marriage as a vehicle for explaining how strong female characters were able to thrive in a male dominant society. This paper examines how the personality traits of his characters clearly align with the struggle for power between men and women and highlights the strengths of several of the female personalitie

    Rogerian Essay Ideas, Resources, and Structural Tips

    The Rogerian assignment directions are as follows: First, choose a topic of interest that has two opposing sides. Research that topic in order to specify the topic's scope, so it can be easily discussed in an essay. The following overused topics may NOT be used in your essay: gun control, abortion, capital punishment, gay ma

    Issues Facing the International Community

    "Clash of the Titans," by Fareed Zakaria http://fareedzakaria.com/2010/01/15/clash-of-the-titans/ In regards to this essay, let the reader know why you chose this particular essay. Does this essay discuss an issue that is facing you currently? Next, discuss whether or not your essay is peer-reviewed. How do you know? State

    Alice Walker's 'Everyday Use': Characters and Culture

    In Alice Walker's story 'Everyday Use', describe Dee and Maggie. How are they different, both physically and mentally? How have their lives been different? How do they change during the story? What is the significance of the title "Everyday Use"? Discuss what Alice Walker could have been implying by using this title.

    Annotation Types

    What is the difference between "assimilative annotations" and "interpretive annotations"? What is the value in doing either? How does the reader benefit from annotating?

    Analyze a Short Story by Tim O'Brien

    This analysis will cover how to analyze a short story by Tim O'Brien. The story is from his collection The Things They Carried and the story is called On the Rainy River. The example will show you how to take a story apart in a step by step process. The process is one that works well for most undergraduate courses in English lit

    Amory Blaine's Character

    This solution chooses a character from the novel, "This Side of Paradise by F. Scott Fitzgerald." It then briefly explains what makes that character uniquely American. It alludes to some facts that show Amory's example of the American spirit.

    Historical Article related to Fitzgerald's This Side of Paradise

    Find an article about a historical event occurring within the ten years prior to "This Side of Paradise." Please cite this article in your post and provide a link, if appropriate. Discuss how this event impacted the work you are reading. The effect may be subtle. For instance, there may be no mention of war, and yet you may reco

    Literary movements in This Side of Paradise

    Which of the several major movements in American literature do you see reflected in the novel, "This side of Paradise," by F. Scott Fitzgerald? Do you see influence of more than one? Give specific cited examples that point to these movements.

    Negative Effects of Pesticides on Honeybees

    Topic question: Should pesticides (spray used for destroying insects) be used on farms? Instructions: You will organize an argument against the use of pesticides on farms because it is harming the bee population. Read the evidence below and then organize your argument. EVIDENCE 1 Negative Effects of Pesticides In

    Literary Devices

    1. Which of the following best defines parallelism? A. The use of symbols and figures of speech B. The repetition of a grammatical structure or arrangement of words. C. The use of words or phrases with emotional associations D. The expression of the same idea in different words. 2. Statements such as always, everybody, an

    Mwindo and Rama

    Hello, Can you please help me? I need more detailed description on Mwindo (Mwindo Epic myth ) and Rama (Ramayana epic myth) on how they're heroes and their hero quest. Please explain to me how they're heroes and their journey. Is Rama and Mwindo are they similar or very different from one another. Thanks