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    Book of the Courtier and Deception

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    Where does deception fit into the "Book of the Courtier"? Do those constructing the ideal courtier value complete honesty, deception, or something in between? Why? When, to whom, and why should the ideal courtier be honest or practice deception? To what degree is the "Book of the Courtier" truth or deception? Why did Castiglione write it? To whom?

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    First, as you suggest where does deception fit into the "Book of the Courtier," I infer that Castiglione emphasizes the value of protecting a positive public persona or self-image as he urges courtiers to play a variety of roles and wear a variety of masks in life to survive and thrive. In this sense, I feel like he is insinuating deception. By encouraging people to celebrates art and attempt to make life like a refined ...

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    Castiglione's "Book of the Courtier" is examined briefly in 300 words regarding the theme of deception.