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Negative Effects of Pesticides on Honeybees

Topic question: Should pesticides (spray used for destroying insects) be used on farms?

Instructions: You will organize an argument against the use of pesticides on farms because it is harming the bee population. Read the evidence below and then organize your argument.


Negative Effects of Pesticides

In the last 50 years, there has been a decrease of honeybee colonies. Where are the bees? Normally, bees have a built-in memory system so they can leave the hive, collect pollen and nectar, and then return safely to their hive. But, as they consume pesticides from the flowers, their brains are negatively affected, and they "forget" the location of the hive making it impossible for them to return. This has been decreasing the number of bee colonies.

Excerpt from "Natural Farming Journal"

Negative Effects of Pesticides

Pesticide exposure in bees may cause infections in honey bee colonies. Scientists detected 35 different pesticides in the pollen. They found more infections in bees that consumed pollen with these pesticides. These infections are a cause of honeybee deaths.

Excerpt from "Journal of Biological Research" PLOS One

Negative Effects of Pesticides

The way humanity manages honey bees will define our future in the 21st century. The fact is that 70 percent of our crops are pollinated by bees. If the bees disappear because we are using pesticides, these crops will disappear because they will lose their major pollinator - the bee.

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Your argument will be in opposition of the use of pesticides on farms because it is harming the bee population. To begin your essay you must state the argument in your own words. Simply use your own words to tell the reader you are against using pesticides for any of the reasons that are listed as evidence. For example, you could say you are against using pesticides on farms because it decreases the number of honeybee colonies. You would then use a quote ...

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This question deals with writing an essay describing the reasons in which using pesticides on farms is negative and harmful; especially with regards to honeybees. There is a lot of evidence to support the negative claims against using pesticides.