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    Discussion Questions for A Tale of Two Cities

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    In this solution, I present several discussion questions focusing on Charles Dickens's A Tale of Two Cities. These questions focus on the main events of the novel.

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    1. Discuss the theme of burial and resurrection in this novel. Give examples which illustrate this theme.
    2. Discuss the significance of the opening paragraph. How do the contrasts in this paragraph mirror other contrasts presented in the novel?
    3. Discuss the literal and symbolic roles of weather. Pay particular attention to storms.
    4. What gothic elements are found in this novel? Give examples to illustrate those you wish to discuss.
    5. Discuss Dickens's symbolic use of the sea in this novel.
    6. How does Mr Lorry tell Lucy Manette of her father's release from prison?
    7. How do the broken wine cask and the people's thirst for its spilled contents mirror later violence and chaos?
    8. Why is the name "Jacques" significant (Dickens bk. 1, ch. 5)?
    9. In what condition do Lucy and Mr Lorry find Doctor Manette? How does he occupy himself? How do the tools of his employment influence his condition?
    10. Discuss Jerry Cruncher's two professions. How does he refer to the profession which is illegal?
    11. Why does Jerry object to his wife's prayers?
    12. With what is Charles Darnay charged during his trial in England? How is this case ...

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    In this solution, I present a variety of discussion questions dealing with the main events and the characters of Charles Dickens's A Tale of Two Cities. Students may also explore ideas discussed in these questions by developing them into essay or research paper topics. 726 words with cited works attached in Word.