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Nouns as Appositives and Direct Address

This posting finds examples of the elements in various examples.

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As you identify nouns of direct address, imagine a dialogue occurring. For example, these nouns are used to call upon a person or gain his or her attention. "It can be the person's name or the name by which he or she is known. Here are some examples:

Cindy, why are you here? (Noun of direct address is Cindy)
Mom, please help me. (Mom)
I didn't understand, Judge, that I had to tell the truth. (Judge)
Don't you dare leave this room, Kelly! (Kelly) " (

Please refer to for a brief tutorial.

Next, as you locate appositives, please remember that they are nouns or pronouns -- often with modifiers - "set beside another noun or pronoun to explain or identify it"( Please refer to the tutorial at ...

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Noun usage is demonstrated. The elements in various examples are provided.