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Chaucer the canterbury tales

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I am asked to wrote a paper and this is what the teacher ased us to do. Show how the Gen. Prologue forcasts what the individual prologues reveal about the speakers. Show how each speaker tells a tale appropriate to his or her character. The given example is to discuss the "thumbnail" sketches of the Knight, the Miller, and the Pardoner, but limit yourself to a closer examination of only the Miller's prologue and tale in the main part of the paper. The paper is 5 pages long, I don't want someone to write it for me, I just need a direction on how to begin the paper. I am a little confused where to start off.

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In planning where to start, it may be a good idea for us to really get a sense of what the assignment is asking. It appears that the instructor would like first a broad overview, with brief discussion of three examples, and then a longer examination of just one example. So, it appears the question is asking, "How does the prologue prepare us for what we find in the later tale?" What things do we learn about each of the characters from their brief description in the prologue? How do these foreshadow the events later presented in their tale?
<br>What impressions do we get about the knight, for example? What do we expect from someone who is described as a "worthy man," who loves chivalry, truth, honor and courtesy? Do our suspicions "pan out" when we read his tale? What happens there?
<br>Similarly, ...

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