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    Alice Walker's 'Everyday Use': Characters and Culture

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    In Alice Walker's story 'Everyday Use', describe Dee and Maggie. How are they different, both physically and mentally? How have their lives been different? How do they change during the story?

    What is the significance of the title "Everyday Use"? Discuss what Alice Walker could have been implying by using this title.

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    The differences between Maggie and Dee are rather profound, to the point that one might call them reflective, archetypal foils of one another, through whom strengths and weaknesses are highlighted.

    The circumstances of Maggie's burning are relevant to the story, but only insofar as they shape her character for Walker's illustrative purposes. The point behind Maggie is that damage will ultimately yield a dutiful person, but one who is crippled and bound to do only ...

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    This solution provides a 300-word discussion on Dee and Maggie, characters in Alice Walker's story 'Everyday Use'. The discussion compares physical and mental differences between the characters and their growth over the course of the story.