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    Exit Through the Gift Shop Film

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    In the film Exit Through the Gift Shop, many people believe that the entire film is a hoax, a manipulation of us, the viewers. Alissa Walker, argues that the entire film is a farce, pointing out what she believes to be several problems in the characters as well as the story-line. Argue for or against Walker's perspective, using examples from the film to support the discussion, begin by paraphrasing her thesis or her overall argument and address each of her points throughout the argument, establishing whether or not each point has merit.

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    I concur with Alissa Walker's argument that the entire film seems to denote a farce or hoax. Like Walker, the characters and plot seem unrealistic to me, not aligned with the standards of a typical documentary.

    As far as characters, for example, Thierry's documentation seems to be questionable. ...

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    Exit Through the Gift Shop, the film, is briefly justified as a hoax or farce in this brief discussion posting.