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    Identify 3 recent examples of mergers or acquisitions.

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    Identify 3 recent examples of mergers or acquisitions.
    Analyze the strategies and financial outcomes employed.

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    The information about the mergers and acquisition is not an original composition, but has been culled from websites, including financial websites mentioned below.

    Briefly identify 3 recent examples of mergers or acquisitions.

    Briefly analyze the strategies and financial outcomes employed.

    The acquisition of NBC Universal Inc-Owned & Operated Television Stations by
    Media General Inc on 04/06/06 the value of the acquisition was (million $USD): 600.0 million U.S. Dollar.

    The strategy of acquisition was acquisition. of Assets. The financial outcome employed was divestiture by NBC Universal. The strategy employed was friendly acquirement. The agency involved was Federal Communications Comm. The strategy was that Media General Inc agreed to acquire the 4 owned & operated television stations of NBC Universal Inc, a unit of General Electric Co {GE}, an operator of television stations, for an estimated $600 mil. The transaction was subject to regulatory approvals.

    The acquired company is NBC Universal Inc-owned & operated television stations.

    The acquirer company is Media General, Inc. is an independent communications company with interests in newspapers, television stations and interactive media in the United States. Kindly think in the following terms: The Company operates in three business segments: Publishing, Broadcast and Interactive Media. The Publishing segment includes 25 daily newspapers and more than 100 weekly newspapers and other publications. The Broadcast segment consists of 26 network-affiliated broadcast television stations, and provides equipment and studio design services. By acquiring is NBC Universal Inc-owned & operated television stations Media General is greatly strengthened. Please think of the following: The Interactive Media segment consists of all of the Company's online enterprises, and an online advergaming and game development firm. Media General, Inc. operates more than 75 online enterprises.

    Broadcast Business

    You should think of the following: Media General, Inc.'s Broadcast Television Division operates 26 network-affiliated television stations in the United States. These television stations include WFLA-TV in Tampa, Florida; WSPA-TV in Greenville and Spartanburg in South Carolina; WASV-TV in Asheville, North Carolina; WIAT-TV in Birmingham, Alabama; WJWB-TV in Jacksonville, Florida; WSLS-TV in Roanoke, Virginia; KALB-TV in Alexandria, Louisiana; WJBF-TV in Augusta, Georgia, and WHLT-TV in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. The primary source of revenues for the Company's television stations is the sale of time to national and local advertisers. By acquiring NBC Universal Inc-owned & operated television stations Media is expected to improve its revenues. Additional revenue is derived from the network programming carried out by network affiliates and from political candidates


    The acquisition of Pixel Images Holdings Ltd by Getty Images Inc on 04/06/06. The value of the deal was 135.0 million U.S. Dollar that is equivalent to 110.4 million EURO. Here the strategy used was that of a merger. This was also a friendly merger. The strategy was that Getty Images Inc of the US acquired the entire share capital of Pixel Images Holdings Ltd, a ...

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