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    Divestitures & Mergers and Acquisitions

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    I need help in summarizing these articles in 200 words each:

    1. "2005 shaping up to be big year for divestitures" (Chrin & Curtin, 2005)
    2. "Chasing the profits: Sizing up M&A deals" (Dolbeck, 2005)

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    Let's take a closer look. Please read the articles again, or if you have not read them yet, please read the articles first. You can consider these summaries as a starting point to write your own summaries.


    FIRST Article:

    In the article, 2005 shaping up to be big year for divestitures, the Chrin and Curtin (2005) report that there were few mergers and acquisitions during the year, and that this meant that many banks turned to large-scale divestitures. The article proposes that the bank executives and analysts argue that the sell-offs offer insight into what combinations of business lines make sense to banks, as well as those that do not. The articles provide many examples and observation made by the author Curtin, as well as a discussion about large-scale divestitures by the author, Chrin. This article provides many details and descriptions of some of the large-scale divestitures that occurred in 2005 as evidence for their propositions and arguments.

    The authors point out that some investors consider this period as the last phase of the M&A cycle that began in late 2003 with the Bank of Americas Corp ...

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    This solution assists in summarizing two articles: "2005 shaping up to be big year for divestitures" (Chrin & Curtin, 2005)
    and "Chasing the profits: Sizing up M&A deals" (Dolbeck, 2005)