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    two sisters in "Everyday Use"

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    What do you think of the two sisters in "Everyday Use"? Do you think the mother favors one of the daughters? Has justice been done by the end of the story?

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    Dear Student,
    After reviewing the story a couple times myself, I feel that upon a given note from the beginning of the story, these two sisters are extremeley distinctive even though they are from the same family. I can help you write your own responses to these questions, but I can not directly write my answers for you or anyone else who posts assignments here with us. These are not my own words.

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    In "Everyday Use," Alice Walker tells a story of a mother's conflicted relationship with her two daughters. On its surface, "Everyday Use" tells how a mother gradually rejects the superficial values of her older, successful daughter in favor of the practical values of her younger, less fortunate daughter. On a deeper level, Alice Walker is exploring the concept of heritage as it applies to African-Americans.

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    If you were reading the story carefully enough, there IS actually a sharp cue of when the writer revealed that the mother does favor one of her two daughters. It was from the following line where the author ...

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