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    Mwindo and Rama

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    Can you please help me?

    I need more detailed description on Mwindo (Mwindo Epic myth ) and Rama (Ramayana epic myth) on how they're heroes and their hero quest.

    Please explain to me how they're heroes and their journey. Is Rama and Mwindo are they similar or very different from one another.


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    Mwindo is a hero in the Nyanga tradition. Mwindo was a male child born of a king who wanted to have only female children. Because he was male, his father tried to kill him on two separate occasions. However, due to the nature of Mwindo's birth (he was born able to talk and walk immediately); he managed to use magical power to avert his father's intended harm. ...

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    Character traits and key experiences that define the heroism of two major primitive cultural myths are explored.