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Discuss strategies for effectively evaluating poetry

For the upcoming poetry topic, you decide you want to engage your writers in an online brainstorming session. You go ahead and put together an overview of points of discussion that everyone should complete and circulate. Your discussion should consist of the following: Discuss strategies for effectively evaluating poetry

Effective writing

Discuss strategies for effectively evaluating poetry and include the following in your discussion: Language usage Metaphors Figurative Language Word choice Please include references and do not copy them word for word.

Help with a sensory poem is given.

Choose from the following possibilities, using a different choice for each of your two poems. Please include the name of your choice with each poem: * A poem that uses free verse with concrete images that employ at least 3 of 5 senses (sight, sound, taste, touch, and/or smell). Balance concrete images throughout the poem, withou

Pride Poem

In my textbook the following poem (The song of factory workers) was listed under "pride" section. Is there anyway you can go back into the poem and add comments throughout or at least summarize how you could come to the conclusion that this poem is about "pride?" "The Song of Factory Worker" Red brick building With

Literature and twitter connections

Some are saying Twitter is the rebirth of widespread poetry as it is geared toward very short communications. Other argue the novel is out because printing books is not environmentally friendly. In between, there is the short story. When, other than this class, was the last time you read one? And yet, the short story was in the

Comparative Analysis on Poems

**Please see the attachment for poems.** ~Relationship between language and content in each poem ~Specific poetic technique in each poem ~Poetic techniques and reader response in each poem Analyze how each poet shape their language to communicate their selected workplace themes. Make sure you address any ways in which

Thesis Statement for a Poem

I need assistance please. I need help identifying a thesis statement regarding the following poem: Word over all, beautiful as the sky! Beautiful that war, and all its deeds of carnage, must in time be utterly lost; That the hands of the sisters Death and Night, incessantly softly wash again, and ever again, this soil'd w

Poetry about identity

Sample thesis statements are given on literatures about the struggle for identity. The literatures include: It's Hard Enough Being Me by Anna Lisa Raya Shiloh by Bobbie Ann Mason Boys and Girls by Alice Munroe On Amtrak from Boston to New York by Sherman Alexie Rites of Passage by Sharon Olds

"Rites of Passage," the poem, is explicated.

Notes about "Rites of Passage" by Sharon Olds are given. As with fiction writers, poets write to entertain their readers and to both share and illuminate aspects of the human experience.

Lyric poem help is given.

Figurative language is a key component of poetry. Three major components of figurative language are images, metaphors, and allusions. Help is givien with writing a lyric poem that focuses on using images, metaphors, and allusions. Each poem should be at least 12 lines long and no longer than 48 lines. The poems may be on any top

18th Century Poetry is assessed.

This posting lists methods in evaluating poetry from the 18th century: ?The factors in effective language usage ?An elaboration on the three determining factors ?An poem excerpt highlighting the theme, language usage, and metaphorical references within Your chosen works can be from one of the following:"The Good-Morrow",

Poetry and war connections are explored.

These areas are discussed: In the reading: "Cavalry Crossing", "The Death of the Ball Turret Gunner", "The First Long-Range Shell", "The Man He Killed," "Charge of the Light Brigade", "Facing It", "End and Beginning", "I Am Mirror", "Naming the Parts", "Dulce et Decorum Est", "Arms and the Boy", "The Soldier." 1. What are

Changing themes are uncovered in a variety of poems.

Differences and similarities of the following works are explored: "Invisible Man" by Ralph Ellison "The Applicant" by Silvia Path "When the Negro was in Vogue" by Langston Hughes "A month in the Country" by Jay Wright "If I must die" by Claude McKay

Love and hate themes are explored within poetry.

In the reading "If I Can Stop One Heart From Breaking", "Still to be Neat", "Marks", "Sex Without Love", and "Chess" in your opinion how many ways can humans love? Consider the love you have for your sweetie, your parents, your dog, or your pickup truck. How do these differ?

Family themes are explored in poetry.

When reading "Noiseless Patient Spider", "Nighttime Fires", "My Papa's Waltz", "Mother to Son", "Those Winter Sundays", "A Watts Mother", "This Be the Verse", "Elderly Lady", "Behind Grandma's House", "Bored", My Son, My Executioner", "Manners", "Popular Mechanics" In your opinion can you tell me how do the characters deal w

Suffering in Dickinson's Poems

Please help with the following problems. Provide at least 200 words in the solution. Hidden pain and woe are repeated themes in Emily Dickinson's poems. Note the two ideas in "A wounded Deer -- Leaps Highest" (poem # 165): the idea of compensation and the idea that we cloak our anguish in outward joy -- and the more apparent

Blake's "A Poison Tree"

Blake's "A Poison Tree" is examined according to these parts: The point of view of the work and its impact The symbolism used with the work and its affectivity The central theme of the work and how it is defined throughout The writer's style and its overall impact

World Lit II is explored in terms of poetry.

Poems by Percy Shelley "To A Skylark" and "Ozymandias" are examined below: To a Skylark" is probably Shelley's best known poem. What are some of the things he mentions that the skylark has and can appreciate that we sometimes overlook or don't appreciate? What is the message of "Ozymandias"? Is Shelley speaking to presi

Epistle Poem help is given.

In order to better understand and work with tone, this posting offers an example and starting tip. Epistle (pronounced e-PISS-ul) is a poetic form that dates back to ancient Rome and to the Bible. It is a poem written in the form of a letter. The term epistle comes from the Latin word epistola, which means letter. It was used

Imagery Poem

This posting offers help with finding an article about nature or travel that is very descriptive. It then writes out a prose passage of description that you find striking from the article. Then it reworks it by adding your own language and details.

Poem about Workplace Lessons is assessed.

For the poem below... What is the entertainment value? Plot? Emotion of character, reader? Metaphors and symbols? Gestures w/ multiple meanings? The relationship between plot and character? The style and point of view that the story is told? How is it structured to produce tension and heighten reader interest? Lessons

A Poetry Analysis is achieved based on two workplace poems.

These poems are examined: ~Relationship between language and content in this poem ~Specific poetic technique ~Poetic techniques and reader response POEM #1 Not Quite Out-of-Business by Les Bridges Surrounded by white sheets, fly-specked with numbers, he stares at monstrous phone that just swiped graduate school


I need to write a paper on a poem by Byron, Keats or Percy Shelley that was written prior to Jan. 19, 1819. I must analyze a passage in the work, and focus on how the passage deals with a theme or themes essential to the work as a whole. (I may consult outside sources,but it is not necessary.) I need help selecting a poem t

Numerous poems are explored in terms of reader responses.

These areas are emphasized: Poems by Samuel Coleridge - "Frost at Midnight", "Kubla Khan", "Rime of the Ancient Mariner", and "This Lime-Tree Bower, My Prison" and Poems by John Keats "Ode to a Nightingale", "Ode on a Grecian Urn", "La Belle Dame Sans Merci", and "The Terror of Death" Respond to discussion questions: sho

A history of romantic verse is offered.

These questions are investigated: Your editor is considering adding a new dimension to the studio to include more 'romantic films ', films outside of the 'adventure' genre. She wants to know if you can do research to prepare the staff for this task. To brush up on your understanding of this niche market, you research the libr