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    Correlations between Twitter and poetry

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    Some are saying Twitter is the rebirth of widespread poetry as it is geared toward very short communications. Other argue the novel is out because printing books is not environmentally friendly. In between, there is the short story. When, other than this class, was the last time you read one? And yet, the short story was in the early 20th century a major literary form that made many a career (Faulkner, Fitzgerald, Hemingway, etc.).

    Does technology and social norms effect the forms of literature we are attracted to? (

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    This is an interesting question, especially as people are trying to go more green. Just recently, I was talking with a friend who said she downloads books onto her MP3 player instead of buying them in paper. Then, she listens to them and deletes! This is so different than the past!

    In terms of writing the paper, I think there are a lot of considerations...

    Technology and social norms have affected forms of literature, in terms of how people read these days. Do they read online only, do they download their reading so they can listen ...

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    Correlations between Twitter and poetry are posed.