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    two poems by Jones Very

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    Compare and contrast those two poems by jones very.
    Compare their themes, discuss the poems' meaning in context to the poets life and surrounds at the date it was written, and discuss the poems' connection to you, as a modern readers.

    The New Birth

    A new life;--thoughts move not as they did
    With slow uncertain steps across my mind,
    In thronging haste fast pressing on they bid
    The portals open to the viewless wind
    That comes not save when in the dust is laid
    The crown of pride that gilds each mortal brow,
    And from before man's vision melting fade
    The heavens and earth;--their walls are falling now.--
    Fast crowding on, each thought asks utterance strong;
    Storm-lifted waves swift rushing to the shore,
    On from the sea they send their shouts along,
    Back through the cave-worn rocks their thunders roar;
    And I a child of God by Christ made free
    Start from death's slumbers to Eternity.

    The Dead

    I SEE them crowd on crowd they walk the earth
    Dry, leafless trees no Autumn wind laid bare;
    And in their nakedness find cause for mirth,
    And all unclad would winter's rudeness dare;
    No sap doth through their clattering branches flow,
    Whence springing leaves and blossoms bright appear;
    Their hearts the living God have ceased to know,
    Who gives the springtime to th'expectant year;
    They mimic life, as if from him to steal
    His glow of health to paint the livid cheek;
    They borrow words for thoughts they cannot feel,
    That with a seeming heart their tongue may speak;
    And in their show of life more dead they live
    Than those that to the earth with many tears they give.

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    First of all, please note that I feel like "The New Birth" seems to discuss how a new life creeps and hesitates as it progresses such like a new infant since its "thoughts" move "With slow uncertain steps across my mind..." These images seem to show that a new life is transformed when one has faith in God.

    Thus, I feel like the poet uses the personification of "thoughts" to show how real and powerful they are. The poet's repetition of the "s" sound also denotes alliteration with "slow uncertain steps across my mind," "Storm-lifted waves swift rushing to the shore,
    On from the sea they send their shouts along," and other ...

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    Two poems by Jones Very are examined.