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    Literary Analysis of The Flaming Heart by Richard Crashaw

    I am asked to do a Literary Explication of the attached work using the passives (readers and Crashaw) and actives (Teresa) in this poem. What does my professor mean by talk about the passives and actives of this poem, and what type of information should I address in this assignment?

    Keats' use of imagery in 'Ode to a Nightingale' is assessed.

    This posting discusses in detail Keats' use of imagery as a powerful tool to recreate the environment, which has images for all the senses. The response also explains some of the images used by Keats. It also discusses the autobiographical aspect of the poem.

    Finding poetry to interpret is advised.

    Please help with the following problem: Many students are not sure where to begin when trying to find poetry for interpretation. The options can seem overwhelming, confusing, and frustrating (if not non-existent at times). This solution offers some locations (plus tips and tricks) to find the freshest material that works fo

    Analysis of the poem "Naming of Parts"

    I read this poem called "Naming of Parts" I am supposed to write a paper on a problematic moment that is in the poem and create two interpretations for that specific moment. I am having problems doing so.


    Having a problem understanding the poem "Conjoined" by Judith Minty.

    Love and Truth in "Piers Plowman"

    Love and truth in "Piers Plowman" is a large and unwieldy text where the issues can become easily scrambled. The response provided is designed to give some ideas for structuring a paper which covers such a large area.

    Roles and Status of Women in Anglo-Saxon Culture: Judith and Eve

    What were the roles and status of women in the Anglo-Saxon culture? Examine the figures of JUDITH and EVE. There are a few women clearly demonstrated in the Anglo-Saxon times so examples are rare. These two women with very different roles will help to form a more rounded opinion.