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    Poems by Sylvia Plath

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    How would I go about understanding the two poems; Poppies in July, Poppies in October?

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    Poppies in October
    <br>Even the sun-clouds this morning cannot manage such skirts.
    <br>Nor the woman in the ambulance
    <br>Whose red heart blooms through her coat so astoundingly --
    <br>A gift, a love gift
    <br>Utterly unasked for
    <br>By a sky
    <br>Palely and flamily
    <br>Igniting its carbon monoxides, by eyes
    <br>Dulled to a halt under bowlers.
    <br>O my God, what am I
    <br>That these late mouths should cry open
    <br>In a forest of frost, in a dawn of cornflowers.
    <br>Comments: Poppies are a spring flower. To have poppies in October requires a very early/very late rainy season in the West. But more to the point, Plath's speaker here seems to suggest that these poppies symbolize a very late, unexpected gift. The opening line suggests this, as she compares the sun-clouds to the skirts of the poppies. (Literally, poppies resemble tiny, incredible orange skirts.)
    <br>This opening image is juxtaposed by a figure whose "red heart" blooms through the white jacket of an EMT worker in an ambulance. This image is a radical departure from the almost pastoral image of the poppies, indicating that there is an interruption in the speaker's ...

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