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Plath poems

What do these two poems, "Poppies in July" and "Poppies in October" mean?

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Sylvia Plath's poems, though outwardly simple, are replete with vivid and colorful imagery that are as startling as they are impressive and impactful. They carry a depth of meaning and a kaleidoscopic range of emotions that must needs be experienced, savored and enjoyed for the satisfaction of the 'poet' in you. There could be any number of interpretations of the poem depending on individual outlooks and perspectives, but I would like to give you the meaning and essence of the poem as I perceive it and see it with my inner eye.
<br>The poet, entranced by the beautiful sight of a field/bed of blood -red poppies, has a question to ask them. Though they are beautiful and delicate, she addresses them as "hell flowers", knowing the havoc that the opium derived from them can cause. She asks them if they are innocently unaware of the havoc and destruction they cause in ...

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