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    Love and truth in "Piers Plowman"

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    Love and truth in "Piers Plowman" is a large and unwieldy text where the issues can become easily scrambled. The response provided is designed to give some ideas for structuring a paper which covers such a large area.

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    My first piece of advice would be to decide how you want to use the text; whether a thematic or a chronological approach is best.

    Both systems have their merits. A chronological approach can discuss the piece as a whole dealing with authorial movement and changes throughout the structure. Using the text thematically keeps the issues very crisp and clear but can also make textual referencing quite tricky.

    Whichever you use will depend heavily on how comfortable you are with the text. The more you know the piece the more options you will have available to you.

    It is ...

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    Love and truth in "Piers Plowman" are featured themes.