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Who or what is the root of evil, suffering, and death

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Have you ever pondered who or what is the root of evil, suffering, and
death, or what sustains life?

Who or what had the greatest influence on your understanding of the notion of god?

Note: I don't come from a religious background, therefore; I'm having a difficult time answering these questions. Please help me formulate an answer to these two questions based on your experiences and background. Thanks!

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Since this is an opinion question, I'll give my opinion. Okay?

I believe in the truth of the Bible. Those writings include the Tanakh (normally called "Old Testament" by Christians) and the Kethuvei Notzrim (normally called "New Testament" by Christians). The word Tanakh is a Hebrew acronym for the three divisions of the Hebrew scriptures: Torah, Nevi'im, and Kethuvim. These mean, "Law, "Prophets", and "Writings." The Kethuvei Notzrim is Hebrew as well and means, "Writings of the Nazarenes." The Nazarenes were the original followers of the Messiah, Yeshua (whom Christians normally call "Jesus").

Now that we've got terminology straight, we can move forward. These writings teach that pride and arrogance are at the root of evil. In particular, the desire to acquire more and more at whatever cost. Materialism is a deep seated evil. The Bible states that "the love of money is the root of all evil." That's not to say that money is the root of evil, but rather, the love of money. There is a big difference. The real issue is, "Who or what do we love?" If we love things (money), then we have built a foundation of evil. Why is this? Because all "things" will decay. They are not eternal. Anything we set our heart on that is not eternal will lead to unhappiness and suffering. On the other hand, if we love the Creator of heaven and earth, then we build a foundation for "holiness." Even this word is a problem. The Hebrew roots of the term mean, "set-apartness." In other ...

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